Game design documents.

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I don't think we have any Dutchmen on the board, apart from possibly that MacSerialJunkie, Corsec.
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OK, I just read his game design doc. If you thought the poll was confusing. My head is gonne hurt for three days now for sure. Sorry to be so blunt! Fenris, that is great advice, and one that he really needs. Anyone with design books collecting dust -- please send it to him.

Carlos A. Camacho,
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Well, a few spring to mind: The Marathon series, Glider, Myth (although later ported), Airburst, the uDevGames entries... but why?
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"Saga of the purple star"

Set up:
Basic moves
1)- Walking, running & sprinting.
2 - Crounching, phroning & rolling.
3)- Jumping far, jumping high & multiple jumps.
4 - Climbing, falling & smacking.
5)- Diving, swimming & swimming under water.

Basic skills
1)- Punching, kicking & blocking.
2)- Grabbing, throwing, weaponplay & disarming.

1)- Troopers
Know only weaponplay, spawning time fast, unlimitted ammount in the field and unlimitted deaths tollerated.
2 - Bountyhunters
Know only weaponplay but have a huge varietty of weapons, spawning time normal, can only be 3 in the field per team and 3 deaths allowed per player.
3 - Magicians
Know only magic, spawning time slow, can only be to 2 the field per team and 2 deaths allowed per player.
4)- Lords
Lords know both magic & weaponplay, spawning time very slow, can only be 1 in the field per team and only 1 death allowed per player.

<<Lucis|Gladius>> 7-7-2004

Custom Game
This gametype got 4 extra gametypes: FFA_duels, Team_FFA, Capture the flag and 1 bonus gametype called Purple Star. PurpleStar is FFA or TFFA, a player has to find and capture the PurpleStar and is the only one that can score points for himself in ffa or for his team in TFFA. The one that holds the purple star gets superior magical skills, in custom game you can choose the map, civilisation & game type but its always troopers only.

A new gametype that starts out as a 1v1 duel that takes place in a small map from a scene from the story, 4 players participate in 1 match. Like tag team the duelist that makes a tag will get substituted by 2 magicains and turn the game in 2vs1 , the computer will fill in computer units when needed.

This new gametype is team based and the computer will automaticly add bots when the teams are uneven, 1 match has 3 rounds and will use 3 maps; 2 medium maps and 1 large map. The team that wins the first round will get an advantage infront of the loozing team in the next map, the team that wins the last map will win the match. At the end of each map a short movie will be played about the team that won the round.

This new gametype is team based and the computer will automaticly add bots when the teams are uneven, it includes vehicles and neutral predators that are located somewhere on a huge map. Each team start with 4 spawn points on the map, in the centre of the map is a post without a flag, the team that can raize their flag at the post in the centre will gain that spawnpoint. The 4 spawn points consist of 3 frontlines wich are positioned next to each other, each front can be destroyed by Siege equipment or magic, looze the front and looze the spawn point. Behind the frontlines is the main militairy fortress, inside the fortress is the commander ribbon, the commander ribbon works together with the scout. What the scout reports, gets visible for the Commander. The person with highest rank earns the most rights to the ribbon, however being a lord will overrule that. In the fortress is also a computer simulated General with 4 bodyguards, looze the General and your team will looz the match.

Create game
This gametype is limited open source, and allows you to create your own maps, models, weapons & gametypes. Filetransferring operating at the speed of AIM, will make this gametype worth playing.

<<Lucis|Gladius>> 7-7-2004

Southern Lord
The son of the Southern king who grew up in exile in a monastery high in the mountains of the South Eastern kingdom, discovered a sercret sword and started an epic journey that would make him Lord of the Southern kingdom.

Southern Bountyhunter
The Southern kingdom had many different bountyhunters that would help them against the evil forces from the north, in single player the user can customize his own bountyhunter & weapon arsenal. The movie in single player & bountyhunters in multiplayer will be about what the player has customized.

Northern Lord
The Southern king died a heroic death after having faught a group of Northern Conquerors, his body was braught to the Northern castle, and with evil magic turned into an undead warrior who would lead the Northern forces into battle.

Northern Bountyhunter
The Northern kingdom had many different bountyhunters that would help them in their battles, in single player the user can customize his own bountyhunter & weapon arsenal. The movie in single player, and the bountyhunters in multiplayer will be what the player has customized.

<<Lucis|Gladius>> 7-7-2004

1)- Northern kingdom are creatures that live in the snow
2 - North eastern kingdom are humans from the desert that cover their faces against the sand.
3 - Eastern kingdom are humans that know nothing about war and have great architecture.
4)- South Eastern kingdom are bird shaped creatures that build high in the mountains.
5)- Southern kingdom are humans of royal backgrounds, that build cities within the jungle.
6 - South Western kingdom are creatures that live deep within a very thick jungle.
7 - Western kingdom are creatures that live beneith the sea building huge sub cities.
8)- North Western kingdom are nomadic humans that live on the stephes, sleeping in tents.

1)- Northern landscape is covered in snow and ice with lots of villages.
2 - North Eastern landscape is a huge desert with rocky terrain and alot of caves.
3 - Eastern landscape is a coastal area with a very hot climat.
4)- South Eastern landscape is full of mountains and valleys.
5)- Southern landscape is a medium jungle, located between 2 mountain plateaus
6 - South Western landscape is a jungle located on a higher plateau with lots of mountains.
7 - Western landscapes is sea, oceans and coastal area, large cities beneith the water.
8)- North Western landscape got stephes, swamps and forrests.

Alot of civilisation managed to domesticate wild animals and use them for transport, working animals & cavalry. Unfortunately not all animals could be tamed, and huge predators still roam free in the wild only fighting for themselfes and for no one else.

<<Lucis|Gladius>> 7-7-2004

Weapons episode I:
Medieval weapons
1)- Single sword/Shield & sword/Double swords/Single Axe/Axe & Shield
2 - Single spear/Spear & shield/Razor spear/Double bladed staff/Hammer
3 - Short chain & shield/Medium chain/Long chain
4)- Bow & arrow/Longbow/Crossbow/SemiAutocrossbow/HeavyBow

Siege equipment
1)- Multiple arrows firering balista
2 - Semi Automatic Balista
3 - Catapult
4)- Siege Ram

1)- Transportship
2 - Assaultship
3)- Carrier

Air & ground units
Northern kingdom: Dragon airtransport, Snake Airforce, Blackwolf Cavalry.
North Eastern kingdom: Dragon airtransport, volture airforce, duckbill cavalry.
Eastern kingdom: Swan airtransport, dalmatian airforce, rhino cavalry.
South Eastern: Owl airtransport, whitewolf airforce, lynx cavalry.
Southern kingdom: White crane airtransport, whitewolf airforce, white lion cavalry.
South Western kingdom: No domestication of animals.
Western kingdom: Under water units only.
North Eastern kingdom: Horses only.

Secret alien technology gets discovered in the south western jungle, at the end of the 2nd dynasty. Medieval weapons were the main weapons used in the 2nd dynasty of Darkness.

<<Lucis|Gladius>> 7-7-2004

Weapons episode II:
Alien weapons
1)- Assault blaster
2 - Heavy blaster
3)- Missile launcher
4 - Sniper rifle
5)- Shotgun
6 - Grenades
7)- detonations
8 - 7 shooter
9)- Binaculas

Alien machines
1)- Deep sea vessel
2)- submarine

1)- Transportship
2 - Assault ship
3 - Artillery ship
4)- Carrier ship

Ground forces
1)- Scouting bike* Scouts vehicle only.
2 - Hover transport
3 - Armored scorpio
4)- Shredder semi robot unit* Troopers unit only
5 - Artillery truck
6 - Magicians semi robot unit* Magicians unit only
7)- Lords semi robot unit* Lords unit only

1)- VTVL Airtransport
2 - Strike fighter jet
3 - Unifighter jet
4)- Bomber plane

1)- Alpha wing
2)- Omega shuttle

<<Lucis|Gladius>> 7-7-2004

Made in Holland, I wish you all lots of luck !
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Well, it looks like you've planned out the gameplay decently, at least... But I must remind you that you have to plan down to the level of "if I click this button, is that different from holding it?" and so on. But, keep working.
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Fenris Wrote:But I must remind you that you have to plan down to the level of "if I click this button, is that different from holding it?" and so on.

Now you are scaring me Shock uDG 2004 just weeks away and now I discover a design document does not fit on a napkin.... Wink


From what I've seen so far it looks like it could turn out to be an interesting game. Is this the same document that you sent to Carlos?

I look forward to seeing the other 80% of the document.
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YAY Jedi Academy !

These files are the best, I call them combined mods containing maps, models & weapon mods, properbly hard to find them all since they are are all fragments put together:

Jk/Ja <<Dao|Gladius>>

Weapons :
Bo_Staff.pk3, Haohmaru_Katana.pk3, Link Sword Mod no blood.pk3, naginata.pk3, RevanDark_Weapons_NoBlood.pk3 & Scepter.pk3 .

Mod fragment:

hidden_dragon.pk3 & ModSect's Evil Map Pack.pk3 .

Extra maps:
RedCelltempel2.pk3, bushido pack - maps.pk3 & Matrix_Dojo.pk3 .

Legend.pk3, samurai.pk3, l's_ninja.pk3, Shinobi.pk3 & sethv1.pk3 .

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Excuse me, but what the heck are you talking about? Smile
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I`m always improving my replies, correcting typing errors, and deleting meaningless sentences that I wrote. Wich means that early replies from other idev users can be missleading to others after I changed the original context of my message. Sorry about that !

To reply to what Camancho said: The history in the design documents is way too complicated, I`m not ever putting that in the story. The single player & multi player should clear all confusion, the story should stay simple as you can see in "Characters". I`m the only one responcible for making my game, others can enjoy or do what ever they want to you know.

Reply to Fenris: I asked you to tell me what games Mac made, from the games you`ve mentioned I only know Myth. Myth is one of the first generation of 3D games, the other games I don`t know, sorry.
Fenris, you shouldn`t always take serious what I say, I`m always laughing at life, joking arround, sorry about that.

Reply to BeyondCloister: The other 80% of the document are made of the SP stories (Characters), MP maps, music ideas & cinematic ideas.

Just a quick opening for the story in single player:

On another planet in a distant solar system far away from here, a 4.975 year old war is raging between the Northern & Southern Kingdoms.

The story begins at the wedding of the Southern king, wich is at the time of the invasion of the south by the evil Northern armies. The king`s son gets seriously injured by evil magic and is escorted to savety down the stream in a wicker basket, there he gets discovered by an old women who can`t care for the young boys injuries, so she brings him to an orphanich. There the boy is found by his uncle who is ordered to take him to a monastary high in the mountains of the South Eastern kingdom. There the boy gets an old wise man for mentor who cures him of his injuries and teaches him the art of magic & weapon play, eventually the young boy discoveres a mystical sword that leads him to have an epic journey.

This is the childhood story of the Southern lord, the opening of the SP is pretty simular to that of the adventures of young Link from the Ocarina of time: Fishing in the pond, shopping at the market, and training at the monastary. The main transport in the youth of the southern lord is by caravan. lol, ofcourse he meets a pretty young lady somewhere in the story ! ! !
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To answer your question about the realisation of the basics:

Set up:

Move = F,V,C & B.

1)-Walking = default
Running = hold spacebar
Sprinting = press 2 times forward.

2 - Crounching = mouse 4
Phroning = R button
Rolling = double click Mouse 4 + move

3)- Jumping far = sprinting + mouse 3
Jumping high = hold mouse 3
Multiple jumps = run forward + multiple press mouse 3

4 - Climbing = moving forward
Falling =(by its self)
Smacking =(comes after falling)

5)- Diving = running from a legde into water
Swimming = mouse 3 + move forward while in the water
Swimming under water = mouse 4 + move forward under water

Basic skills
1)- Punching = mouse 1
Kicking = mouse 2
Blocking = x button.

2)- Grabbing = mouse 1 + x button
Throwing = mouse 2 + x button
Weaponplay = apple or wheel up or down.
Disarming = grabbing an enemy thats holding a weapon.

Combat techniques: For each different direction a different trick, you can move in 8 different directions.
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After 4.075 years, they still have Kinds and fight with swords?? If they fought that long, wouldn't the planet be baren? Wouldn't their economies be in shambles?

>eventually the young boy discoveres a mystical sword that leads him to have an epic journey
RPG 101

I have a copy of creating Fantasy Worlds. It is a very small, cheap book but VERY VERY useful.

I know I am giving you are hard time -- that is my job as Editor. I want to make everyone BETTER. After reading everything, I am still confused about the genre of the game. My comment via email was more like "it sounds too ambitious for a person starting at ground zero." Yeah, it is great to love Final Fantasy and <fill in other like game>, and strive to make a game on that level, but that takes time, and a great team. If you are one person, and someone who only brings ideas to the table, then you need to start a bit smaller in scope.

For example, I see many shoot'em up games. They all have the save the Earth story. Boring. If you are creative, you could assist these developers in writing a background story. by working with them, you will get a feeling for the development pocess. And get to know how developers think, and what they want and don't want (to hear).

Here is some good advide to read:

BTW, why not try out GameMaker and try to prototype your game ideas?


Carlos A. Camacho,
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Quote by Camancho:
"After 4.075 years, they still have Kinds and fight with swords?? If they fought that long, wouldn't the planet be baren? Wouldn't their economies be in shambles?"

(I could be wrong about the numbers, lets make it 4.975 years of war between the Northern & Southern kingdom.)

Carlos- This is the 2nd dynasty of darkness you are talking about, this is first time the 8 kingdoms actualy faught back. Concidering medieval technology working much slower then advanced technology, its lasted for 5.000 years. Magic also improving the stamina of all soldiers.

3.000 BC on earth, thats when the egyptian old kingdom begun, lots of wars were faught then. 5.000 BC hinduisme speaks also about mythical wars being faught between the Rama empire against the evil armies ( ? ? sorry forgot the names ?? ) Untill today : 7.000 years later there are still wars being faught on this planet, so 4.975 years is relatively short.

"Saga of the purple Star"

Summary of the 3 dynasties of darkness:
1st dynasty lasts for 6.000 years
2nd dynasty lasts for 5.100 years
3rd dynasty lasts for 50 years

Episode I, Dynasty of Darkness: Starts 25 years before the end of the 2nd dynasty. Episode II, Era of Machines: starts 25 years after the end of the 2nd dynasty, both episodes are about the life of the Southern Lord. Properbly the Southern lord reaches the age of a 100 years old; at the age of 25 he defeats the supreme ruler, at the age of 50 he gets imprisonned by the supreme ruler, and the age of 75 he gets resqued, and together with his son he defeats the supreme ruler.

1)- The supreme ruler founder of the Dark Dynasty, is the dark blue version of N`Astirth from episode nr. 87 of X-men.

2 - The Purple star, is a very pretty diamond, about the size of a huge coin. The upper gods created the purple star to fit inside a mystical sword, the 2 put together are the superior magical skills of the purple star.

3 - The Southern Lord is just like Wong-Fei Hung from the movies: Iron Monkey & Once up on a time in China.

4)- The Northern Lord looks like "Meester H¸rl" from the Dutch version of the fantasy comic "Legende der Dorre gewesten" written by Chevalier-Segur.
("Master H¸rl" from "the legends of the dry west")

The supreme ruler could be more powerfull then the purple star, so individual skills should improve the power of the purple star.

Another quote by Carlos:
"If you are one person, and someone who only brings ideas to the table, then you need to start a bit smaller in scope."

I started working on 1 story 11 years ago, on and off. Now that I quit composing 1 year ago, I need to go into another direction (programming?). Since I`m like, sick in bed or at home everyday, I decided to combine my game ideas, with the story that had become pretty much like:
"Anyone with design books collecting dust -- please send it to him"

Thats what I did, my design book collected too much dust so I sended it to Idev.

K later all !
This message is getting too long for me.

Sincerely yours
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unfortunately I was not able to download the OSX version of GTK for jedi knight, because of system requirements. Thats the only reason I`ve only done map editing for AoE-II gold & swgb CC.

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dude... OS 9...

anyways, just because I don't agree with a lot of your ideas and your horrible OS (although I'm sure David Rosen would love you), doesn't mean you are forbidden to talk to me. It just means I am disgusted with your OS of choice and think you are a philistine Smile
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Is there some other thread that goes along with this one so that it all makes sense?

Or is this going for the most surreal thread of 2004 award?
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