Game design documents.

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BeyondCloister Wrote:Or is this going for the most surreal thread of 2004 award?
right on the money
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Lucius, I'm very sorry to hear about your back.

I know that some of us are coming across as rather cross with you, and I don't intend to solve nor settle the deal here. But, I would like to ask you to e-mail me at, and I'm sure we can set some things straight. Somehow, I think that's better than cleaning up stuff publicly on the forum. ;-)

Looking forward to your e-mail,
/Ivan - moderator on this board
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Am I glad I found a website for game developers.
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Greetings Camancho

I read all your replies, and saw 1 text I wanted to add an answer to:

"For example, I see many shoot'em up games. They all have the save the Earth story. Boring."

Thank you for giving me your vision about the story that I wrote, the inspiration of the story for <<Purple|Star>> comes from the movie Clash of the Titans. Have been working off and on this since 1992, the "They all have the save the Earth" story thats what alot of great names did in Roman history, for example; Julius Caesar saved the Gauls from a Barbaric invasion, Scipio Africanus defeated Hannibal`s feared elephant hordes and saved Rome, Septimus Severus defeated all Barbaric armies that were attacking the Roman empire.

Barbarians had a very rude war strategy; Put all warriors in 1 big group, and completely burn everything to the ground that isn`t Germanic. I think Severus did the Romans in his time a very big favour by defeating all the attacking Germanic tribes (And saved the Roman world).

Basicly the hero of my story is the Southern Lord, I have no name for him yet but I have my ways of creating new names. What he does is lead armies that were supposed to be doomed, to victory. After all the wars are won there are 2 Quest maps: The Palace of light and the crashed ancient Alien mothership. The last stage begins with the Southern lord defeating the Northern lord and his 2 priests in a Showdown map, fighting his way through the dark castle he reaches the inner sanctum and meets the Supreme ruler in an epic Showdown duel.
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Quote:I think Severus did the Romans in his time a very big favour by defeating all the attacking Germanic tribes
That would all depend on where your ancestors came from.

I applaud the idea of a game world, which isn't your typical D&D world.

For example, King of Dragon Pass. If you don't know the game, please download it and play it for a month, and get back to us.

Anyhow, I'm not sure how to describe what I am thinking. I'll just say it, and maybe someone can re-phrase it.....

Creating a story is good, but I feel that you must first start with, what is this game. What will be the play mechanics/genre. Then re-fine and expand the story. From what I have seen, you are throwing out various ideas, without any concrete ideas of what the game will be. So, it sounds like you are writing a book -- not get ready to develop a game or taking a design doc to someone to create the game. I think we are all trying to guide you as much as we can (though I think some people reading this thread feel a Purple Haze.)

You mentioned in an email OpenGL, C++, etc etc. It sounds like you might be working on the game by yourself; though I have no doubt a few RPG devs here could use a good story. I think since you are creative, and at the start of your development career, OpenGL and C++, etc etc are still in your future.

Sit down, and write:
Genre of game: ie RTS
View of the world: ie from above, from the side, etc
Game objective/how to win the game: Have the strongest army, make all your enemies your slaves, etc
Player actions: ie. Player can assign characters to dig for gold, harvest food, etc etc

Once you have that. Get GameMaker, TNTbasic, StageCast, Runtime Revolution, iShell or SuperCard and start working on the basic engine of the game.

After 2 months or so, post a demo for us to see. Then we will offer advice. If things look good, start adding to the game's story.

Summary: You can spend your whole career thinking of names for a city, main character, magic sword, but that is a PART of making the game.

OK, well, I hope I set you on the right path. I'm hoping others can offer their final advice before we need to lock the thread.


Carlos A. Camacho,
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Thanks so much for posting such interesting replies Camancho, because you wrote that you are going to lock this thread, let me post my favourite document:

"Suggestions for a new game engine"
The following issues, are improvements of short comings that I noticed while playing other games:

1)- The main idea for a new computer game is that some parts of the game actually make the person that plays it relaxed. Relaxing for the eyes and the ears can be very important, so that the player does not get to tensed. For this engine design simplicity could make things work much more faster, for programming & triggers an organised administration helps locate bugs and makes mistakes much easier to find !

2 - Gaming security is essential for fairplay, wich also includes making the usage of pirated software more and more complicated. Attrackting a wide audiance fills up gaming population for multi player wich is my main goal, but you can`t expect that. So why not make sure that few or many players are all entertained.

3)- Not everyone got the best computer there is, some people (like me) are still having a great time playing games at an old computer. So why not make a game engine, thats is both appreciated by owners of hi-tech computers and also playable by low-tech computers. But ofcourse, there is a big difference between wanting and being capable of.

4 - I want both low-tech computers & hi-tech computers to enjoy my product. But that doesn`t mean the whole game will be low tech, just some parts of it ! Wich means that not all parts of the game can be played by low tech computers, and also on the cartidge and inside the manual must be said wich requirements are needed for each specific game type or layer in the single player.

5)- Single player must have the set up as a movie next to that providing nice game play maps, multi player must have the same maps as in single player, and a huge arsenal of variety, with custom options available. Automatic download should be a default option in multi player and operate at the same speed as AIM. As far as multi player goes, you can`t expect all users in the game room to behave as monkies and role their way arround the map, thats absurd ! Instead of running all arround the place like a marathon runner, you would see so much more of the map while walking at a slow pace. But don`t get me wrong, acrobatics and athletics are really worthwhile, but its where you draw the line and say:,, To here and no further''.

6 - In team play let the program decide who is a bad player and needs to be court martialed for 1 minute every time you get a team kill, if the player continuis scoring minus points he gets kicked from the server, making it very difficult to team kill with friendly fire enabled. Ofcourse we must think about beginners, ensign play enables automatic aim and disables friendly fire, and proffesional play disables automatic aim and enables friendly fire.

7)- Don`t you ever get tired of endless chat and server messages spamming all over the screen, instead why not make a custom chat filter, regulating all chat trafic to the wish of the owner of the game. Use only what you really need, I was thinking about microphone chat being buddies only.

8 - Wouldn`t it be fabulous to have a chat being the opening screen of hosting a multi player game, and also make chatting a gametype, dedicated servers taking a break from big battle, cool down in a chat lounge.

9)- Violence is bad and spoils your mentality, but don`t we all enjoy movies such as Gladiator etc. Its where you draw the line, I think we can accomplish alot by teaching our audiance about morality and so on.

10 - I learned that unsupported MODS (Open source) can cause a great deal of trouble, amateurs can modify the game anyway they want to, altering the game security codes, enabling Qlient numbers for administrators, resulting in hackers, abuse of power, kickers, banning and spoiling the fun for fairplay.

11)- Why not install a limited open source in the game engine it self, wich allows you to create your own maps and models, and also create your own game types. When entering a server that is running an own made map, then it will be transferred to you in a matter of minutes, instead of being kicked from the server for not having equal files.

<<Lucis|Gladius>> 7-7-2004
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ぜんぜん 分かりません。

It is like a Babel Fish Nightmare. Sorry to say.


Carlos A. Camacho,
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