GL/GLUT texture alpha problem

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I am having a problem with my alpha in my textures. It was a bit more screwey than this, but I messed around a bit and this is what my textures look like where they should be transparent:
[Image: problem2.gif]
I know that the alpha in the textures works because earlier when I had a different problem ( the stars in the background came through. My GL stuff is set up like this:
glEnable (GL_LINE_SMOOTH);
    glAlphaFunc(GL_GREATER, 0.0f);
and my reshape function is:
void reshape(int width, int height)
    glViewport(0, 0, width, height);
    glOrtho(0, 1024, 0, 768, -1024, 1024);
    gluPerspective(45, width/height, 1024, 1024);

Has anyone had a problem with semi non-functional alpha before? This is strange because although the alpha works(the cutout around the shapes), it doesn't blend at all.
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Judging by the screenshot, it looks like you're drawing things in the wrong order. In order for alpha blending to work correctly, you have to draw the objects in the scene in order of backmost to frontmost, relative to the viewer.

Alex Diener
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I'm pretty sure you don't want to enable the alpha test. I've never actually used it. But I think that it's used as a threshold for the alpha. Try disabling that.

Scott Lembcke - Howling Moon Software
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Alpha test basically says: if this condition is met, don't draw a pixel. The reason why you can see thru fully transparent areas but without blending on the edges is that the edges (and the inside) are drawn before the background, and the depth buffer too, so when you want to draw something behind it, the depth buffer will filter it because it is behind!

So, yes, leave alpha test enabled (for performance reasons), leave blending enabled AND draw using the painter's algorithm (far to nearest).
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