Switch Between Fullscreen and Windowed Modes - Again...

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I am trying to add functionality in my game to switch 'on the fly' between windowed and fullscreen modes with great difficulty. This is my second post to this effect, the first one got a good reply and I tried the suggestion (http://www.idevgames.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6330 ). The OpenGL framework that I was directed to (however well-written) uses NSOpenGL to create it's contexts - needless to say, after installing my game engine into this framework (which previously used CGLCreateContext to create it's contexts), speeds took a noticeable hit (50 FPS w/music - down to 44 FPS w/o music). I need some help setting up a shell for my game that uses CGLContexts and not NSOpenGL contexts - speed to me is VERY important and I want to squeeze out everything I can; does anyone know of a good tutorial or sample code that shows how to set this up? I keep getting nil contexts when I try and switch between the two with CGL, what am I missing?

Thanks in advance, thaeez
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There shouldn't be any speed difference between NSGL and CGL.

Anyway, check that:
1) you are using the NO RECOVERY attribute
2) you specify the screen mask for the full screen context
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OK, sorry guys... I was making a mistake and not turning off anti-aliasing - that made up for the speed difference between the two different shells. It appears that using NSopenGL and CGL ARE the same speed. Thanks again for the help guys,

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