checking CPU and video card load

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Hello all
Is there a function call or a way I can test how much work the videocard and CPU are doing so I can adjust game detail accordingly.

Thank you!
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how about just calculate how long each frame has taken and if it is under this amount, draw at this level, if it is under this amount, draw at this level, and if it takes more than this amount, draw almost nothing.... or something like that.

While this way doesn't tell you EXACTLY what is taking a long time (CPU or GPU) I'm sure via simple profilling on multiple machines will give you a good idea of where the trouble is happening.
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Besides which, in a game the CPU and/or GPU are both going to be running at 100% most of the time, but that doesn't have anything to do with your current framerate. Max Payne uses 100% CPU, and gets about 40 FPS. UT2003 uses 100% CPU and gets 15 FPS.

Getting the current FPS is a far more efficient, accurate and reliable way to do it.
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