OpenGL CGL Switch Between Fullscreen and Windowed Mode

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I need help setting up my Cocoa app to be able to run in fullscreen and windowed mode (and switch 'on-the-fly' between the two) using CGL and OpenGL. I can make either work independantly but am having trouble switching from one to the other - does anyone know of a really good tutorial on how to do this? What pixel formats are you guys using for your fullscreen and windowed contexts? What code to setup / tear-down keeping in mind that we may switch betewwn modes (or even resolutions)? It's for a Cocoa-only 3D Arkanoid style game that I have been working on and adding this seemingly simple functionality has been quite trying, any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance and keep up the great site!

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there was a recent thread about this on the mac-opengl mailing list...

anyway, code here:
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