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I need the basic idea behind making a model of a person run.

My understanding of it from just glancing over other posts is that you have pieces of a person, calf, thigh, torso, arms, head and can manipulate them to make appear to move.

If this is the case, the art won't be a problem(but it'd be nice if someone told me how to reduce the polygon count on a Poser 4.0 model), but the coding I'm not sure of an efficient way to do it. Any examples or some simple pseudo code would be helpful, thanks.
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void Draw_Body_Element(ObjectPtr *currPtr)
   if (currPtr->hasChildren)

The basic idea is you represent your articulated object as a tree. You traverse the tree starting at the root and recursing all the way down. By convention, with human figures the hips are usually considered the root.
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