Wanted: Good idea for a physics based game.

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That Sproing software was actually really neat. The only thing that bothers me about soft dynamics (or maybe it's just Sproing), but even when messing around with the variables, you don't really get a choice of what material your simulating. Everything acts like jello (mushy, super stretchy and acts like it wants to fall apart), when you may just want to simulate rubber (solid with a little deformation under heavy pressure).

...and that reminds me, is anyone working on, or at least have examples of other style physics (solids (hard dynamics?), ect)?
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hehe, i have a copy of the Havok physics engine used as a base for Half-Life 2 and Halo 2... Now if only I knew how to use it Sad No matter, i am taking physics this year, maybe then i will understand how to work Havok, or rather, how to wreak havok.
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