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Apple's borderless OpenGL content demo, BoingX (direct: info: used to work fine on Jaguar. However, Panther seems to have screwed it up:

Open app, you will be presented with a borderless (but fully opaque) OpenGL view, with a ball bouncing around in it. Press 'm' to enable multisampling, 'l' to enable lighting (note: lighting "fades" in, give it a second), and finally, 't' to knock out the background in the OpenGL view, leaving you with a OpenGL ball bouncing around your desktop.

Only 't' doesn't work on Panther. The background begins to fade out, and then everything either disappears all together, or you are left with a window with an OpenGL view with a bad pixel format (that's what it looks like anyway). This erroneous view either is all white (with small holes of transparency in it, through which I can see my desktop), or appears to have the top-left of Panther window title-bars (close, minimize, maximize buttons) stretched across it (interlaced, every other line being fully transparent).

Has anyone found a way around this? I'd really love to use this effect.
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OK I think I found the culprit.

In the OpenGLView class in the BoingX project, line 437:

    [[self openGLContext] flushBuffer];    

Apparently, glFlush() doesn't work. Just replace that whole block with [[self openGLContext] flushBuffer];
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It works OK on my Mac (without any changes)
Panther (10.3.1), ATI Rage 128Pro (16MB,AGP 4x), G4/466
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you can try ventilloo here.. Holmes use this transparent thingy
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Perhaps it's just 10.3.2...
I verified that this does not work on two different machines (one with nVidia and one with ATI).
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