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I just thought of this idea. It seems pretty neat. Right now i'm thinking about how to implement it. Im also thinking of a sim where u have a company thats in the stock. Just looking to see what you think of it.

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"The Corporate Machine" and the Tycon series come to mind. I think I saw a couple of other Stock Exchange titles in the bargain bin somewhere.
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Railroad Tycoon II had a pretty cool stock simulator, in my opinion. (Railroad Tycoon's wasn't too shabby either!)

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Totally agree, Railroad Tycoon II had an awesome stock sim and it's not even the main theme of the game, although it could be played that way.

I think it would be really great to see a stock sim based on something like the novel Noble House by James Clavell. There was a board game made from it at one point and it was pretty good. That book is a great source of ideas for something like this.
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I recall a game called "Capitalism."

If the game can be made with a nice polish, and have a learning curve that is friendly to beginners, then you could have a hit. Especially since there is some educational value of it. Wink

Carlos A. Camacho,
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Take a look at the track record page of That's very good trading.
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