Blitting modes in SDL?

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Are there such things as blitting modes in SDL? A bit like CopyBits has? With modes I mean things like srcAdd or srcCopy etc...

I wanna use SDL but the problem I'm having is that when I use graphics that have a blurred edge (like a glow effect) the transparecy doesn't get applied well.

Does anyone have any tips on how to solve this.

Thanks in advance.

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In the docs, the entry for SDL_SetAlpha (if I recall the right function - just search on alpha) has a list of the effects of alpha-alpha, alpha-opaque, ad nauseum blits...

If you mean you want a surface which has a per-pixel alpha channel (similar to icons in OS X) you'll have to code a function to call SDL_DisplayFormatAlpha, then plot the contents of the alpha-channel by hand. Or if I'm able to locate it, I could post the source to mine...

Mark Bishop
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Not the most perfect fragment of code, but it works quite well... by the way, assumes your call to SDL_SetVideoMode passes 32 as the depth - if not, you'll end up with a rather odd image.
SDL_Surface *InputImageWithAlphaMask( const char *imagePath,
                                      const char *maskPath )
  SDL_Surface *imageSurface,
  Uint16 x, y;
  Uint8 keptR, keptG, keptB, keptA,
        discardR, discardG, discardB, discardA;
  Uint32 *imagePixels,

  if(( imageSurface = IMG_Load( imagePath )) == NULL )
    Fin_LogError( "couldn't input the image '%s'", imagePath );
    return NULL;
  if(( maskSurface = IMG_Load( maskPath )) == NULL )
    Fin_LogError( "couldn't input the mask '%s'", maskPath );
    goto label_error;
  if(( imageSurface->w != maskSurface->w ) || ( imageSurface->h != maskSurface->h ))
    Fin_LogError( "dimensions of image and mask differ" );
    goto label_error;

  imageSurface = SDL_DisplayFormatAlpha( imageSurface );
  maskSurface = SDL_DisplayFormat( maskSurface );
  SDL_LockSurface( imageSurface );
  SDL_LockSurface( maskSurface );
  imagePixels = imageSurface->pixels;
  maskPixels = maskSurface->pixels;
  for( y = 0;
       y < imageSurface->h;
       y ++ )
    for( x = 0;
         x < imageSurface->w;
         x ++ )
      SDL_GetRGBA( maskPixels[ Reference_1D_as_2D( maskSurface->w, x, y ) ], maskSurface->format, &keptA, &discardG, &discardB, &discardA );
      SDL_GetRGBA( imagePixels[ Reference_1D_as_2D( imageSurface->w, x, y ) ], imageSurface->format, &keptR, &keptG, &keptB, &discardA );
      imagePixels[ Reference_1D_as_2D( imageSurface->w, x, y ) ] = SDL_MapRGBA( imageSurface->format, keptR, keptG, keptB, keptA );
  SDL_UnlockSurface( imageSurface );
  SDL_UnlockSurface( maskSurface );
  return imageSurface;
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Mark Bishop
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