Book Review: Core Techniques and Algorithms in Game Programming

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First off, if you are considering buying any game develpment book in the next 12 months, choose this one.

Core Techniques and Algorithms in Game Programming by Daniel Sanchez-Crespo Dalmau, Daniel Sanchez-Crespo

This book is almost like a home-made course on game development. I am convinced this title will be on my shelf for a long time. Topics covered include:

Gameplay Programming
  • Game Architecture: Logic, Loops, Presentation, etc
  • Data Structures and Algorithms: Arrays thru Graphs, and the STL
  • Design Patterns: Singletons thru flyweights, and Usability Patterns
  • User Input: (unfortunately this is in DirectInput - but easy enough to port to SDL or the Cocoa Event Manager
  • Fundamental A.I.: Sensing, memory, rule systems, finite state machines, etc...
  • Action-Oriented A.I.: Choreographed, Evasion, Chasing, Patrolling, etc...
  • Tactical-A.I.: path finding, group dynamics
  • Scripting: building/parsing scripting languages (ex: Lua, Java, Socket)
  • Network Coding: TCP, UDP, Server, Client, Multiclient, MM Games etc...
Engine Programming
  • 2D datastructures, sprites, tiles, scrollers, etc
  • 3D Pipeline overview: vertices, primitives, geometry, clipping, culling, etc
  • Indoors Rendering: Binary Space Partitions, portal rendering, occulusion maps, etc...
  • Outdoor Algorithms: heightfields, quadtrees, ROAM, LOD, etc...
  • Character Animation: explicit, implicit, keyframe, forward kinematics, IK, etc...
  • Cinematography: Inertia, 3rd person, more camera stuff...
  • Shading: per-vertex, per-pixel, light mapping, BRDF, and NPR rendering
  • Texture Mapping: types, tiling, filtering, mipmapping, bump, etc
  • Particle Systems: spawning, behavior, extinction, LOD, etc
  • Organic Rendering: Trees, grass, clouds, oceans, etc..
  • Procedural Techniques: renderman, Real-time shading, shaders, texture mapping, particle systems, animation, etc
  • Geometrical Algorithms: Point tests, ray tests, moving tests, mesh tests, triangle reduction
Appendices Include
  • Performance tuning
  • OpenGL
  • Direct3D Wink
  • Math: vector and matrix

If this seems like overkill - it isn't. Honestly, if I was to take a course or teach a course on game development, this would be the book I would use. Very accessable, and insanely informative and useful. 6 out of 5 stars.
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Would you care to write up that as a full review? We are getting a lot of attention for our book reviews, (Charles River Media actually approached us and asked us to review their books!) so I guess New Riders would be merry as Harry the Happy Panda for a review. (If you don't have the time, no worries, I'll write one up, but as I personally have five books to review in my pipeline, I'd be happy if you felt like it.)

Take a look at our review section for ideas!
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Sure can. Give me about a week.
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Thanks! Send it over when it is done. I'm looking forward to it! =)
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Ug, forgot about midterms the next 2 weeks. I will get this together soon though. =D
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