Centipede in a circle concept

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Another possible control scheme would be to use the mouse pointer (or crosshair) to point at the area you wanted to shoot at, and the ship in the centre would automatically aim there for you. You could build in a lag time for the ship to move around and shoot so that the player would have to be careful about deciding to suddenly shoot in the opposite direction.

My main fear with controlling the ship directly is that it wouldn't be very easy to aim at things near the edge of the screen, since a tiny movement at the centre would result in a large movent of your target at the edge. Although if you were dividing the circle up into a fixed number of angles so that you only needed to be able to aim in, say, 10 degree increments, then that probably wouldn't be an issue.

Quote:Just a thought - I remember an old game from High Risk, can't remember the name, but it had a spaceship inside 3 revolving concentric rings of shields you had to shoot holes in from the outside to shoot at the spaceship in the center.

Ah yes, That was Cyclone, based on Star Castle. Used to love that game, but can't claim I was ever very good Huh
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