Xcode Preference to open sourcefile in the editor

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Hi Guys,

I need help!

After the update to the new version of Xcode I always have to click : "open as"->"Source code file" to open a file in the editor inside the Project Window.

If I just click at the respective file in the "Groups&Files"-Tab or the Detail View it just gets highlighted and not opened. (Editor View says: "No Editor" then)

Before the update Xcode just opened every file the moment I clicked on it and everything was nice.
Now I have to do like 3 clicks to change the opened file in the Editorview in the Project Window.

I'm going crazy here because I can solve any pointer problem in c but can't get the damned xcode to open in one click....
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Sounds like Xcode isn't recognizing the file type. Xcode maintains a list of file types and editors (see Preferences). I'd suggest finding that preferences file(s) and removing it and seeing if that helps.
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Thank you, that solved my problem.

I removed the File "/Users/*****/Library/Preferences/com.apple.Xcode.plist" and restarted Xcode.
Just needed to reset my old Settings and everything works nice again! Smile
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