aghh what is with cocoa's bitmap loading

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whenever i run code which loads a bitmap into opengl memory using cocoa's NSBitmapImageRep class, then quit the program, then either change the image file (ex. replacing it with another image, or simply deleting it), and run the code again it acts like the file is exactly the same as it was when the code was run for the first time. this is VERY annoying, and has happened to me on multiple occasions. i was just wondering whether this has happened to anyone else, and what they did to fix it.
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Chances are you need to clean your project after changing the image.
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Yes, it's probably loading from a copy of the image inside the app bundle that was put there by the build process.
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So, just rebuild your project - you shouldn't need to clean it...
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If the file is a resource inside a folder reference, PB won't check if it's been updated. It's an annoying bug, but Jabber's right that the fix is to clean the project (removing the executable from the build folder works too).
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Oh, ok. That's a bit poor...
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