Can you think of any design-based optimisations?

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This sounds like an interesting discussion, so I wield my newly-bestowed moderator powers to split this thread. Handling Multiple Sounds goes here.

I know that Chris Crawford on Game Design had something neat to say about this, but cursedly a friend of mine has borrowed it.

A possible solution would be that, when you get into combat, zoom in with the camera (just narrow down the field-of-view) or move it closer, and let the frustum culling kill off anyone that isn't part of the fight. Not only will it let you turn off most non-active guys, it will also look neat. Wink
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Most what has been said so far was focused on doctoring something gone bad.

If the animation system is sloppy, turning it off at a distance is strictly seen just a hack, and doesn't resolve the problem. Remembering the topic, that of design-based optimization, the solution would be to re-think the animation system.

Not knowing how it works in the first place makes it hard to think of optimizations. Give us a hint.

The following is my personal opinion, and certainly disputable:

Generally speaking, only go to the profiler if you are certain that you are using the best system at hand. Maybe, optimizing the system will speed it up 2x, but using a different approach may result in the same speedup without optimizations, giving you room where to go if things are still too slow in the end.

Implementing a new system can be a challenge, and integrating it with the rest of the app close to impossible, but more often than not, the process of revamping a single subsystem may point out weaknesses in other subsystems or the overall design (or implementation).
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Quote:Originally posted by monteboyd
Well in the game engine I'm currently working on I've just put in four enemies on screen and this has slowed things down quite a bit primarily because of all the animation going on at once.

I assume you've profiled the code and figured out that it isn't OGL thats slowing you down, so...

In what code exactly did your profiling show the slow down was? Aniamtion management? doing transformation matrix calculations? Generating the vertices/normals?

Animating four enemies, even four high poly enemies with several dozen bones each shouldn't be a significant hit on any recent processor. I'd look at optimizing the actual algorithms used in animating before I worried about design level optimizations.

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