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i was reading it and looking at the source code and it just doesn't work for me. i think i'm confused about what this AGL actually does. at first i thought that you attach it to a window, it renders it, and draws it in the window. after reading the tutorial it sounds as if the agl context can draw it also. could someone please help me with this, very frustrating.


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What isn't working? There is one problem someone alerted me to with the tutorial. When I wrote the tutorial, the AGL documentation said to pass nil and 0 as the first two parameters to aglChoosePixelFormat() when using AGL_FULLSCREEN. The current AGL documentation says you need a vaild GDevice as the first parameter, and the second parameter must be 1 or higher. The easiest thing to do is to call GetMainDevice() to get a valid GDevice. The symptom of this problem is the executable program included with the tutorial starting up and quitting right away. If you have a different problem, email me.

Mark Szymczyk
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