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Hello! I am making up an RPG (not a computer game this time) and welcome suggestions for any spells you might have ideas for. It is fairly freeform, so don't worry about numbers and stats, just describe the effects. It is fairly lighthearted, so feel free to include funny spells. Here are a few I have come up with so far (there are over 50)

Fist of Devastation
_ _ _ _ Make a succesful ahnd to hand attack against someone and : _
_ _ _ _ Break all bones near the attack point, up to 2 feet away, in any persons nearby also (not you). _
_ _ _ _ Cause the target to burst into flame. _
_ _ _ _ If blocked by armor cause the targets armor to be destroyed, and create flying multidirectional shrapnel out of the armor. _
_ _ _ _ If the this kills the target cause them to explode in flames, radius 10 feet. _ _
_ _ _ _ Cause anyone the target is in contact with to go unconcious. _
_ _ _ _ If target is not dead after attack cause targets eyes to explode. _

Rabid Possum Possy :
_ _ _ _ Summons forth a band of possums from under your robes. _Possums range between 5 and 25 in number randomly. Each possum lasts for 2 turns and deals scratches and bites to target. _Each possum has very little health. _Every bite made by a possum inflicts light poison. _1 bite has effects ranging over 5 turns to vomiting, fever, constipation and temporary loss of sight(up to 4 turns). _

CrotchKick Pro :
_ _ _ _ Make a succesful kick below the belt (You know what I mean) and deal damage as if your foot were steel, knock opponent unconcious and set their crotch on fire. _ _

Magnet Head :
_ _ _ _ Causes someones head to have an exteremly large magnetic pull on the closest metal object, ussually resultin in sucking the victims own sword through his brain. _Forces vary by how far away object is, and how held back objects are, for instance, a warrior who has 50 strength can hold his sword from going into his head, and will probably only get a bruise. _Lasts 1 turn. _(If there are no nearby medium sized metal objects within 3 feet of heat victim gets a migraine.) _ _

So you see, they are just supposed to be fun, post any more you come up with to help me out, thanks, if theres interest I'll post the whole lot of spells if someone wants them.
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Instant Diarrhea:
Makes opponent make a choice between running away to relieve himself or soiling his armor.

Mental Ear:
Gives opponent ability to hear his own thoughts, amplified 2x. Forces them to think of absolutely nothing to prevent a chain reaction that would liquify their brain, because hearing counts as a thought.

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Alright, I'll give you one of my top-secret D&D spells I made for my very successful campaign way back. :-) Well they aren't top-secret any more.. hehe

Infuse the Flat Liquid with Bubbles from Beyond
Level: Brd/Clr 1, Soc/Wiz 2
Components: V,S
Casting Time: 1 partial action
Range: Touch
Target: 1 cu. ft./level of liquid or one creature
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Fortitude (if targeted to creature)
Spell Resistance: Yes

When the target liquid is touched, it will become infused with carbon dioxide. It doesn?t effect the quality of the liquid; for instance, if the spell is cast upon a jug of dirty water, it will simply become sparkling dirty water. The spell will not affect any liquids with magical properties. Alternatively, the caster may target one creature, provided it has an open wound exposing blood or bodily fluid. If contact is made with the fluid, carbon dioxide is infused into the victim?s body. The victim must make a normal spell Fortitude save against the spell. If the spell does indeed affect, the victim will take an armor class penalty of -3, an attack penalty of -3, a arcane spell failure penalty of 20%, and will move at half speed because the target feels very tired from the increased carbon dioxide in their blood. Every round thereafter, the victim makes a Fortitude save with the initial difficulty minus two times each round the spell has been in effect. The spell?s effects are not stackable, but the target may be touch again with the carbon dioxide after it has rid itself of it. The material component for this spell is a pinch of brewer?s yeast.
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Ping Of Death:
-- creates a loud "ping" noise that scares the bejeezus out of anyone not expecting it
-- causes enemy spellcasters to forget two spells
-- causes enemy armor to vibrate madly, throwing off their physical abilities

Denial of Service Attack:
-- Floods an area with static, making it difficult to concentrate on anything
-- Targets become so preoccupied with trying to keep up, that their heads will eventually explode
-- Verbal component requires the casater to continuously repeat certain key phrases such as "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" or "Why? Why?"

Nimda Worm:
-- Caster sends out a non-corporeal worm that lays in wait for a victim. If it successfully infects the victim, it will then cause the victim to tirelessly create new Nimda Worms to infect others.
-- Worm must be targeted at a specific class
-- Worm can be destroyed with "Norton's Power Word: Disinfect" spell

Power Word: BSoD
-- Causes target to freeze mid action
-- Causes any actions done by target in last 10 minutes to be undone (unless they have a "Charm of Saving," or have cast a Command S spell in that time)
-- Causes target to get really, really angry and likely to take out frustrations on the nearest person (even if its a friend)

Whoa. I'm a true geek
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Player is temporarily stuck in front of computer screen. Grin
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i don't know if you can top a groin kick that sets their groin on fire Rasp

unless there's one that makes their groin explode
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Infuse flat liquid with bubbles from beyond

The clear winner, IMHO Wow

Love it. At first I thought it was a total joke, then you mentioned casting it on a creature. Cool. It's like a parlor trick gone nasty. Cool

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain." - Wizard of Oz
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Ice Cream Joe
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Self-esteem suck:

Causes the target to lose any shred of self-confidence. Target must roll a saving throw or submissively back out from the fight, go home and watch 5 hours of taped Dr. Phil shows. Target will also suffer a -4 penalty to charisma.


Causes the target's brain to be replaced with that of a random person (chosen with 1d20,000,000) from the Blizzard Player Base. Target will gain additional abilities, including "OMG ZERG RUSH KEKE" and "u lose to mass hunt u noob." However, the target will also forget all known languages, including Common, and will only be able to communicate through 1337. This spell cannot be reversed.

REAL ultimate power!:

This spell causes 2d6 ninjas to materialize out of nowhere around the target. Target must make a saving throw vs. REAL ultimate power! or have his/her head chopped off, resulting in instant death and gratuitous blood spray. Yar.

AOL Armageddon:

The most devastating spell known to wizardry, AOL Armageddon requires 5 full rounds to cast successfully. During the first four rounds, AOL free trial disks are summoned from around the planet at the feet of the target. In the 5th round, the amount of AOL disks summoned will reach critical mass, turning the planet into a black hole. Everyone, including you and your party, dies instantly. No saving throw.
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suggested addition to real ultimate power spell:
if target has requisite skills to suddenly start wailing on the guitar, and does so, summoned ninjas become target's allies and attack caster
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