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For those who are familar with my Chromacell game, I'm starting to add in extra 'Special FX' tiles - little power ups which can add even more excitment to the game.

The reason why I've posted this is to get some feedback to work out if they are a good idea and if they will add value.

I've decided to have two categories, those which are in cells that are on the board and ones which can be 'purchased'.

Firstly the on board ones:
  • Time Freeze (only in Frantic mode) - stops the computer opponents making any moves for a limited time.
  • Change surrounding cells - all the neighbouring cells are changed to colour of whoever gets the Special FX
  • Clear surrounding cells - all the neighbouring cells are cleared.
  • Switch cells - all the green turn red, red to blue, blue to green, etc. - who says they have to be good effects?
  • Lock cell - the cell cannot be taken over by an opponent for the rest of the level.

The idea for the 'purchased' ones is that you can choose to use them at any time throughout the game. They are as follows:
  • Bonus move - lets the player make an additional move in a turn.
  • Lock cell - same as on board version.
  • Place anywhere - allows any cell to be captured, even if there are no neighbours already controlled.

I'm not quite sure how I'm going to handle the 'purchasing'. In Gamble mode it is going to be easy as the player can use their price money. In non Gamble mode I was toying with ideas of allowing the player to choose x number every so many levels or so many points. The option is to let them trade in points. An alternative is to have coins scattered throught the game levels that can be used to purchase.

Of course this all leads to the possibilty of little sub games to win them. But when playing a game do you want to be interupted with things like a fruit machine between levels?

All feedback would be appreciated - the sooner the better as a little something called uDevGame may interupt me soonvRasp

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You could also have a powerup that removes a fixed number of cells randomly picked from the board.

Also a powerup that transforms a blocking cell into an open cell.

I have a feeling I may want to play a "vanilla" game once in a while, perhaps that should be an option as well.

A note about the AI: I've noticed the AI does not seem to be overly concerned with spreading influence versus gaining territory. Players of Go might be familiar with what I am talking about. Essentially, they build around what they have and fill in the blanks instead of closing off larger areas that they can fill in later which is my main strategy. I thought perhaps having an AI that runs off in straight lines trying to connect sides might achieve that effect. Anyways, I think the AI has potential to be more varied as well.

- Kjurtyl.
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The option for Special FX's to be on or off will be there. It is an easy way to turn 4 game modes into 8 Grin

I like the ones you have suggested.

I don't know if I should really confess to this or not, but there is actually no AI in the game at the moment. AI is one of the things I have to add at some point, that way it will be possible to give each of the computer opponents a different 'personality' and thus expand different play modes further. This 'personality' thing could lead to a certain opponent having a vendeta against a particular player (AI or human) and so make irrational mistakes.

I've toyed with various AI stuff over the years in my Windows stuff so I've some ideas I want to put in. But once again it leads to the case that I never get the game finished. When do I stop and say - version 2?

The reason I've not actually done the AI yet is that alot of people who have played it think there is AI and have commented on how the computer seems to preempt what they are goign to do.
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