want to start making a game

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hi i am 16 and want to start to know how i can create a game E.g. something simple like the old mario brothers (or even some thing like space invaders to start with)

i know some simple stuff on emulators and roms

but i do not know nothing on ( c++ or java or flash ) language

can anyone help me and guide into the right direction and does anyone who where to get a tutoril from...

i have been looking through some of the treads in the forum but the language used is in them is making me feel dizzy.

thanks alot
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Hmm, I would be tempted to learn Java first as it's the least likely to trip you up with technical difficulties. However, it does require you to use Object Oriented (OO) programming, which can be a headache for some people - most find it OK though.

The book I used for learning Java was

Java - How To Program
by Deitel & Deitel

and I thought it was pretty good - lots of examples, and comes with a CD of stuff.

Good luck!

- Iain
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hey, these kind of topics come up very often but everybody is lways willing to write the same stuff over and over again LOL

So this is my advice: TNT Basic , the easiest thing you'll ever find to program (or rather script) a game on the mac.
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If you're new to programming, you might want to start with Flash or one of the Basic languages (e.g. RealBasic, TNT Basic, METAL Basic), since these are less complex than Java and the C-family languages and allow you to see the results of your work much more quickly, since they're designed for fast development of graphics-oriented applications; however, you'll probably want to move on to Java, C/C++, or Objective-C eventually in order to move beyond the limitations of Flash and the Basic languages. If you do decide to start by learning a major language (I'd suggest either C, because it's a common language and would make C++ and Objective-C much easier to pick up, or Java, because it's an object-oriented language but less confusing for a novice than C++, although it's not very commonly used for game programming), then expect to start out making text-based programs and working your way up to graphics, audio, etc.
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I recommend learning a basic, and then move on to C. From C you can learn either C++ or Objective-C. C++ is best if you plan to develop for Windows as well as Mac, or if you want to develop for both Mac OS X and Mac OS 9, but is much harder and inconsistent. Objective-C is best if you only plan to develop for OS X, and is very easy to use.
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I would recommend TNTBasic, its cheap and easy to learn.

BTW, "old mario brothers" isn't that easy to do. Space Invaders is like a gazillion times easier(doesn't include scrolling, much simplier AI, doesn't have to have levels in the same sence etc)

"Gameplay Uber Alles. And if you can make it psychedelic too, great!" - Jeff Minter
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Quote:Originally posted by ERaZer
Space Invaders is like a gazillion times easier

I don't know if I'd go that far. I mean, a million or a billion maybe. But a gazillion? That's a bit much. ;p

Anyway, the quick point I want to make is that it's important to know how to program in general before learning how to specifically program games. I'd recommend starting with some simple text-based applications and work your way up, and avoid skipping anything even if it's boring. Good luck!

- Chris
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geezusfreeek is right on. That is the course most beginning programmers take and it seems to work. Feel free to post any other questions you might have. I know, especially when beginning, programming can be rather confusing. Just promise me that you will: 1) search the forum first, 2) search the FAQ first.
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