Mixing SDL & Carbon

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I've asked this before, but received no reply, so here goes another attempt Smile

Is it possible to mix the Carbon Event manager with SDL? In particular, I want to:

- include a proper application menu with menuitems,

- check for specific input events, either through the event manager, or through HID. For example, I would like to support scroll wheels.

thanks for any help.
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SDL runs its own event loop, so you can't interfere with that.

I'm sure I've seen SDL apps that handle the application menu properly. Perhaps if they're using SDLmain.nib?

SDL's joystick support should allow you to interact with scrollwheels on Mac OS X 10.2 and later.

If you wanted to get hardcore, you could hack SDL so that the NSEvent* (it uses Cocoa) is available. That doesn't seem like it should be too hard.
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If you check the latest updates to the SDL 1.2.6(?) code, you'll see that scroll wheel support has been recently added to the MacOS X version...

Of course, if it's a game targeted towards a GENERAL audience on the Mac, you should have a good alternative to using a scroll wheel. Wink

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