Kinetics & Collision (In 2d)

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I know I know, go buy Physics for Game Developers, and yes I want to, but I haven't and can't at the moment.

But anyway, my question is, when two 2d objects are moving and collide, how can I determine which direction they should go? Assuming both have equal mass (this is simple for the time being) and I have both objects' dx and dy movements, what's the equation?

I'm sorry to bug you guys, I really should know this having taken and acing both physics and trig, but it's summer, and you kinda forget these things.
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For now, I suggest looking through,, and, I am sure they have a few tutorials on it. It is really a bigger question than one that can be answered in a single post.
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Check out a demo like SpriteTest which is part of SpriteWorld. There is pretty generic c code to do what you want. Works very well.

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I went through this in a while ago. Probably ought to FAQ it, but it needs some editing to document mode... any takers?
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