Static Shadowing with shadow maps

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Me again!

My terrain looks kind of flat, and was thinking of baking the shadows, and the applying a pass to make the scene look shadowed.

My terrain is pretty big and I have to use different textures to make the landscape look not so pixilated, and in most cases tiling textures. So I though that applying a 512x512 shadow map to the whole terrain will help on adding depth to the scene.

Any suggestions?

Thanks again...
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Shadow maps (aka light maps) require that you create them in the first place, and then create a method for producing the combined textures. I got lost on learning this, but usually it requires a processing phase on your scene model which produces the light maps, usually with the help of a radiosity algorithm to calculate them.

What's wrong with using OpenGL's own lighting? Light maps give the illusion of complex lighting and are necessary for self-shadowing if you don't want to write a dynamic self-shadowing renderer (and I'm sure you don't), but will self-shadowing be essential to your game? Of course light maps are much better looking that vertex lighting, and faster to render, at least indoors. On terrain, it is probably a whole other ballgame.
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