What kind of game do you want to play on the Mac?

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I reccomend looking up "688 Attack Sub". Simple, effective, and I still play it. Cool

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i'm staking my claim to the guantlet type game!! i've already
started to do some work on it before carlos's post!

i think any arcarde like game is always good. i like games one
can pickup and play without feeling the need to invest hours
at it! but for the love of <insert deity here>, no more tetris

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I'm probably the only one who wants this game, but I would love a 3D version of tetris. It actually existed for Mac Classic, it was called 3tris (http://www.mymac.com/archives/feb_97/game.shtml for review of the game) and I was deeply addicted to it. It used sprite animation but obviously an OS X version using OpenGL rendering would look much cooler. 3tris was set up as follows: Your p.o.v. is from the top looking down. The pieces fall straight down. The grid is 5x5, each piece is made up of 4 blocks. The pieces can be stacked 8 high before the game is over. The pieces are transparent when falling, but turn solid went they hit the bottom.

I have lots of ideas/info on the detail to a remake, so if your interested in making this then contact me.

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I want a game that makes me think. I'm talking about games like SimCity or strategy games in general. I want to play a game that resembles real life with hard choices. Suppose your a car manufacturer. Your in charge of creating a new vehicle that will boost sales. Say your targeted audience is over 30. Would your develop a car, truck, van or cross breed? build a team; R&D costs; production; marketing; shipping; get dealers to order your product; etc. You would have to meet project sales goalsóROI (return on investment).

Perhaps a game that evovles around being a shipping magnate like UPS competing with USPS and FedEx. Or a restaurant owner? Maybe you can branch out and purchase a bar or two to go along with owning and running a restaurant?

I enjoy these types of games because you can really learn what it takes to be a business owner.

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I think asking for anything massively multiplayer is way too ambitious. However, I'd just love to see some multiplayer entries, the game's life would be greatly extended.

And, I too have wanted a top-down racing game, similiar to the one Cammacho suggested, but I were thinking, realistic physics, not like toy car racers, online, ability to buy cars and most importantly...lush graphics, it would be a game for the artists. I figured that this could be done if you allowed add-ons to be created (but with the add-ons having limitations, ie. no 1000 mph cars...)...hope I'm making sense, basically, a simple top-down car game, with online play, the ability to trade, buy and sell cars between players, and, some sort of system where you can design your own car (I haven't thought it through, the last option is probably too ambitious, but, I were wondering how enough cars to make buying and selling stuff a good idea could be created in two months by the developers)...sorry, talking too much.

Oh, and, I loved Black Shades, even though I really sucked at it (put the difficulty to 0)...I have to say, its quite hard to fire when the gun keeps moving up every time you press the trigger button (I assume that was meant to be like that?)...anyway, point is, if black shades can be created in two or three months, perhaps a simple online stealth fps? I'm thinking, stabbing, sniping and other stealthy elements, not gun-ho...that would mean lag if there was alot of action, basically, alot of one-shot or one-hit kills, this would mean the devs wouldn't have to spend ages reducing the lag. I just love sniping, but hated the cheaters and the lag in Quake Smile.

K, I think I've missed the point of the thread, by suggesting concepts, but within the concepts are ideas I'd love to see.

Point is, most importantly, online play, though I dunno how hard it is to implement.

Oh and yah, OS9 compatible, for us with no money.
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Here are suggestions for freeware/shareware Mac games for uDevGames contest ... I'll help with any of these if I can ...

1. Simple ATC simulator
2. Magic dueling card game (ala magic Online)
3. Magic dueling game (using onscreen mouse movement to cast)
4. Simple soccer game
5. Simple tennis or volleyball game (see previous post)
6. Skiing game (ala Sloperider)
7. Simple FPS with player as stealthy assassin/sniper (I'm seeing a cross between Uplink and last years brilliant FPS Black Shades)
8. Any sort of strategy game set in ancient Rome Rolleyes Sorry to be vague.

In the magic dueling game I would hope for networking/Net play where players must put up an item from their inventory to lose if they lose the duel.

I can do art for these and am a former ATC.

David djanikjones_at_esolutionsgroup.ca
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Oh and I'd like to second the duelling game (cos its online, and you get to win stuff, even if its not real, pretty cool)...hopefully if anyone made that a game tracker would be set up so opponents could be found Smile.

Edit: btw, whats an ATC simulator?
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How about making that sub game multiplayer?Wow

"Most nutritionists say that Twinkies are bad. But they're not, they're very very good."
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A toon first person shooter. I'm fed up with all of the grim blow 'em up first person shooter games. The only difference is the art and how the weapons blow people up. I'd like to play a toon game were you throw pies, drop anvils, and slip on a "Tex Avery Garter of Cross Dress" to turn into a cute woman that causes your opponent to stop his attack and act like a lust-crazed wolf for 30 second which would give me time to exchange the ax he's carrying with a large feather ;-)

But no, that's asking too much, the first person shooter genre is tightly controlled by the kill-kill-kill chiches and could _never_ have something lighthearted and silly breaking new ground.

The other game I'd like to see is something like a cross between Diablo and Battlebots, where you wander around fighitng other robots and salvage them for parts to build a better robot. You're robot would improve and you could tailor it to your type of fighting (favoring certain spells in Diablo) and you'd level up in "mechanic" skill which would allow you to salvage better or repair better.
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There needs to be more sports games on the Mac. There needs to be an Ultimate Frisbee game. 2+2 = There needs to be an Ultimate game for the Mac!

Don't know what Ultimate is? It's kinda like a cross between soccer and (American) football. For more information, check out the official website.

Simply put, Ultimate is my favorite sport in the world, and I would love, more than anything else, to be able to play an Ultimate game for the Mac!
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multiplayer sub game...is that a go? who is in? and what is the relevant dates for udevgame anyway?
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I have had a kind of adult humor game in my head for years, and have always wanted to play it.

It is a top down Flight sim type game. The difference? You play as different birds who have to "bomb" different things. Someone washing a car, eating a picnic lunch, ice cream cone. It would be a military of birds. You can go from Pigeons to Albatrosses. Seagulls and Pelicans for beach and water missions.

I just think this would be a hilarious and fun game to play. It is original in thought and theme. I mean who wouldn't want to play a game where you are a bird crapping on people's day?

If I think of anymore, I will post it here.
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This may seem a little off the topic but it seems to me that game developers on the Mac are far more in need of game dev tools than games. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for games and then some. I was thinking that if I could request any type of game I wanted I was thinking that I'd really love to see a great modeler above all else. I haven't really read the uDevGame rules, I admit, but maybe game development tools could also be a category for submission. Outside of that I'd be interested in seeing a good sub game as well.
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I just remembered that I have a couple of Submarine meshwork files. They are fairly accurate models of an Oscar class Soviet sub and a USSN Los Angeles class American sub. They both lack an antenna and a periscope, and the Oscar doesn't have the glassed-in observation deck. I can release them to the public if you would like to use them or have a look at them.
Also, I have a friend who worked on a nuclear sub. I could try to hook you up with him if you would like.
But, to be clear, I already have a Udevame project of my own all planned out.

"Most nutritionists say that Twinkies are bad. But they're not, they're very very good."
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Cloud Striker
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Well Basicly the games plot is like this:
An 18 year old kid is the son of the Godfather and is in hiding with fake parents. What he does not know is that he is the only direct blood desendent of the godfather, thereby through Moffia Lore he will someday be the Godfather. He grew up thinking that his parents were blood related but in fact are two of the Godfather's most trusted friends and underlings. The kid has always supected that these two "parents" were not his. He found a bank notice from his savings acount stating that 970,000 US dallors went through in 20 minutes come and going to two acounts he is not sure are his "family's" He finds out the truth one day when the Feds pay him a visit at school pretending to be police officers who want him for questioning about a merder in the local town. They recrut him reluctantly and he is sent to try and find what he needs to bring down the Mob. His "parents" are killed a short time later when a rival family takes a hit on them trying to find and kill the 18 yr old. This family would be next in line to be the rulling famiyl of the mob if the kid was out of the way. Well to make a long story short basically the kid is not home when it happens, comes home to find out what happened and then uses the "family's" bank accounts that the FEDs hacked to go to italy and find his real father. He does not know whether he will rat on his father when he finds dad, or if he will screw the feds and join the family. When he finds his father the father says that he sent him away to keep him safe and so he would not have to be in the family business. His father tried to save his soul. This is my idea of a game and I hope you all like it, if you have any questions relating to this idea my email is CloudStriker303@cox.net so well hope you all like it.

The kid is a computer geek who can actually fight. His "parents" but him through karate and he spent a few summers at a camp for the at risk youth of america run by the USMC where he learned some stratagy and fighting skills. He has an afinity with Glock 3 round burst hand guns and M16 M203 equipted rifles. He also likes Smith & Wesson knives and has fun messing with girls minds. He is sorta ok looking but has a way with girls and finds that he is very quick to figure people out, and what they think about him and his "secret."

Edit: I just realised this sounds like that movie that came out recently, but I was taking it from something else, any way: this game would be the a great GTA type game with a little bit more FPS in it. It could have some fighting like Oni (damn I wish that game went Multiplayer). I think it should be set in either Manhattan or Bellair, the kid needs to be very sheltered but have a good idea of what the real world is like. The kid needs to be italian obviously but not speak the language, this is b/c the "parents" didn't want him to know what they were saying or what people who called said, basically to keep him out of the loop and harder for him to go to italy on his own. The kid could have a girl who he tells his secret to. She would get worried when he leaves for italy and run a away from home and fallow him. There could also be a girl in italy that is related to the oposing family that waked his "parents" who falls for the kid and tries to keep the families from going to the matresses. so well love triangle, its always a good thing in a game. Now this could all be flipped so a girl could be the main character, or it could be an option when the game starts like in B.G. or E.V. E.V.O. E.V.N. if it is like vice city or payback, when the kid gets out of a car the game should go FPS not 3rd Person, unless it has an Oni like targeting system. well that is it for now.
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