optimizing dynamic geometry

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Quote:Originally posted by arekkusu
This one I'm not familiar with (still PPC newbie.) The only reason I've got it split up into separate functions (should be inlined) like this is so the client can still change color/texture/probably linewidth between vertices. Globals avoid resending all the vertex1 info & temp values in the later vertex call(s).

... and I'm sure the globals are a win in this situation.

The problem is, though, that every read from a global causes a load, whether the same global has been read earlier in the function or not (thread-safety; possible side effects in other function calls).

In order to work around this, you have to explicitly tell the compiler when you want to read the globals and when it's OK to use a cached value, by storing the value of the global in a local variable.

Global variables can't live in registers by definition.

WRT. APPLE_var, the extension lets you specify one block of memory which should hold all your arrays (vertex, color, texture, normal, even index if you use APPLE_index_array). They can be interleaved or not; that doesn't matter. What matters is that they all lie within that range, which gets wired down and can then be used for speedy transfers to the card.
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