Composers, exhibit thine Art!

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The idea of this thread is that composers can list their sample URLs in one place, rather than scattered all through many threads in several domains.

Now we're getting close to uDev time, there are many developers looking for assets, so listing in this thread might be a good way to get your material into games.

In a slightly related aside, there is an interesting site containing copyright-free communist propaganda music:

Who knows, maybe some developer is hanging out for three versions of "I Pledge all my Crude Oil to the Motherland", all sung by an angry gibbon? Actually, some of it is quite good, in addition to its role as a historical monument.

Visit for your recommended daily intake of embittered satire.
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Here's a link to some old midis I have. Some were (or are, depending on Hooptie's progress) meant for Hooptie. Others were made for an RPG battle game I bugged the hell out of and stopped developing. Hope you like them.

Also, soon I'll be uploading some newer stuff, and maybe add a html page to put descriptions.
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Here's the URL for my portfolio:

Mixed bag with game, film, and corporate pieces, plus some sound design and dialog work.
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Greg Gant
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I need to update my mini examples my own work but this thread has some of my own works

but here's a game I made myself which has sound fx I made myself, all purposely retro
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I'm workin on the website but here is one I just wrote for Hooptie

Hehehe... enjoy... one reaction I had was "It sounds like Disney land but a little less annoying" Ahhh good times.

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The demoscene used to (still do) have music compos which allow composers to show off their skills. There are often categories such as mp3 or mod or midi as well as original scores, remakes etc....

How about doing that here? No prizes, just a chance to be noticed and let the community have a vote??

Just a thought.
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