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I've had an idea for my Chromacell game that I'd like to get some feedback on before I spend lots of time implementing a turkey.

The aim of the game is to simply fill the game board up with more of your colour than the computer opponents. The starting positions for each player are randomly set for each board. This means it sometimes impossible for the player to win a level and thus lose a life. In order to prevent this happening I now get the computer to play out the level first several times to see if the player would be able to win.

Now on to the idea I would like some feedback on.

Running my prediction code over a level several times means I can create a set of odds for each possible starting layout. I was thinking of doing a play mode where the player starts with a kitty of x points. Then the player is offered 4 boards each level with varying odds. They would then select the board they want and place a points stake on it. If they win the level they win the stake, if not they lose it. The game would keep on going until the player had no points left.

Firstly does what I have described make sense and secondly would it be a worth while addition to the game?
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Oh my gosh, that sounds like such a great idea! Having played the betas and being one who has complained about occasional impossible boards, I'm glad to hear that you're doing a check against the possibility of passing a level :-)

But this gamble idea sounds really great to me, provided that it actually works as advertised :-) That is the kind of thing that would encourage me to go from enjoying the demo for a while to jumping on board and paying ($12??) for it... It is a rather original idea, as far as I know, and would add a whole 'nother level of competetiveness to it while completely removing the unfair chance aspect of the game. Yes, I really like this idea!
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very interesting idea...

I thought perhaps I'd have some interesting point to make here, something to help you focus your idea. I have nothing. It's a really cool concept. Everything else is just balancing (as far as how many points you start with, what the odds are like, and making sure that the easiest boards give you only the tiniest push).

Okay, here's something. I'm not completely up to date, but does your game have a "normal" point system as well? If so, consider allowing a person to stop a game and get "game points" for each of their "life points". I always look for where the game breaks down, and if I start with 10 points, and run only on the 10-1 difficulty boards, and I do 10 of them, betting all my points each time, I could potentially run for ever by dropping to 1 point per game. No that that's bad, but what if I decide that I have to stop. Do I have to just dump all of my points into a game and then fail? Or, you could do it that way, but if game points can be gotten for ingame events, you could use a point multiplier of the odds and of the number of points you bet.

So if it's 2-1, and I bet 2 points, all points earned during the level will be worth 4 times as much (or maybe there's another factor applied). Of course, quite a few of these comments become somewhat pointless if you don't already have in mind these associated point systems.

Anyway, I digress. It's a brilliant idea. I guess I would say to milk it. Get as much out fo this shift in play styles as possible.

James Ramsey
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How will the level progression go? Something like a rising minimum bid coupled with choices between odds that are more and more disadvantageous?

Intriguing idea, worth a shot IMHO, lots of potential to add that <missing link> that makes the game really memorable.

But, it's a gamble. Wink

- Kjurtyl.
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I've not decided on the level progression yet beyond the already changing boards and numer of opponents.

The aim of the gamble mode is to get as many points or whatever as possible for the final highscore table. So if the player wants to be very cautious with their bets then they will not get high score.

Another idea which just struck me as I was typing the previous sentence was that new levels will be unlocked when the players kitty reaches certain levels. This means that they can play for hours on the same first 5 levels if they want to be cautious. But to get to the higher levels you need to up the stakes. This would mean that the high score table would be based on the level reached.

Other items such as 'special effect' tiles may be made available by spending some of the kitty.

But as I said, still working out the possibilities this offers.

BTW there should be a new beta in the next 24 hours.
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