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I think I've decided to make an above view network 2D space shooter with realtime 3D graphics, but I really have no idea of the other aspects of the game.

I am thinking of having multiple classes of ship, or some selectable inventory stuff before you play, anyone have ideas for ships/weapons/effects?

This will be a quick throw together, so please don't say accurate deflectionphysics taking into account the gravity of particles in a semi-vacuum enviorment while compensating the inconsistencies in fuel causing minute jitters in ship angle actuation. Whew. Simple features, like a vortex that sucks stuff in, or a grapple to attack enemy ships with, or cloaking... Thanks, Will.
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This sounds A LOT like my initial plans for what BOB2 were supposed to be (my entry into uDG2002). I suggest you work out your engine long before you let your ideas run too rampant. Get an idea of what you can and can not do (program and engine wise)
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