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Well, I accidentaly wrote a tiling engine in my spare time today, its pretty robust, so I want to use it for something, I was thinking maybe an assassin(sp?) puzzle game where you avoid guards and traps, also being able to place your own to eliminate your target, fortunatly each level is only 20x20 so adding levels is about 4k apeice! Anyone got any more ideas for this assassin game? I think you should be able to buy equipment between games. Also, if you leave traps in someones house/poison food and then leave the level, when it ends there is a chance based on number of unexploded traps/poisoned articles and their nearness to the target + how many other people are nearby that you could beat the level by simply leaving a few traps around and then leaving. Anyone got any other neat, but simple features? For weapons there may be a crossbow, knife and blowgun. For traps, a bomb, poisonedspike trap and maybe something to do with gas. The game should emphasize stealth, so avoiding walking on metal stuff would make the guard less alert, their alert level would determine their chance to see/pursue you if you are in their line of sight, so if you wait the guards will get sleepy. I also want to have a tile game with line of sight, meaning their is "fog of war" and unexplored teritory, so while waiting for night would mean the guard would be less alert, you would also have shorter/dimmer vision, limiting your ability to plan ahead.
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Quote: I'd love to see some sort of game where you start at well, the start of time, for humans at least, and try to make a civilisation..

Funny you should mention that, as this is my goal. When I first started programming a few months ago I wanted to make a game about that, but not quite in the way you are talking about. All my games that I'm working on/ have finished are working towards that goal. I want it as a sims type game, and you start with a bunch of monkeys, breed them, teach them, tell them to build stuff, and eventually you end up with modern day humans. I think it will take me about 2 or 3 years to make, but I'm keen.

sorry that doesn't help you much whogben. Your idea sounds pretty ambitious, but if you think you can do it, it sounds great... and I'm obviously not one to talk about being overly ambitious!

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actualy, I made my idea seem really good, but its really quite simple, a 20x20 grid of tiles, each tile has graphic, a movespeed, a block value and a sound value. You can't move onto a tile with speed of 0 (ie: a wall or river) and you can't fire through a tile of a block value of 1 (ie a wall, but not a river) and when you move onto the next tile at the spedd of the current tile your on, and each move makes noise equal to the amount of the tile your on + the one you move to. Then there will be a few bad guys, a gew traps, and few targets, doors and keys, simple stuff. I have already written the level editor.
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