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What is the blender engine like? What is Python? Is it easy?
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There is a reason NaN (Blender's creators) went bankrupt...

Python is a scripting language. Go to for more info.
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NaN went bankrupt because they gave their 3D tool away for free, and without income or the potential of income they put effort and time into porting the engine to MAC OS X, a process that took 2 years at least. They have a very large following on the PC Side. There are books for Blender available.

The game engine is not working in the new Open Source builds. Maybe someday soon, check their site.

The 3D tool has an odd interface that is not intuitive, you have to read the docs and tutorials, several times and use the app alot to remember its nuances. It has a great 3D render, and its actually not too terrible to learn it, if you put some effort into it.
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Carlos A. Camacho,
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Not made with Blender but scripted with Python.
A great open source game, so if you are tempted
to learn Python I would suggest hacking this.

There's lots of How To's in their Wiki.

I know no Python, and no XML, but found it all too easy to cheat on that game by digging through some files changing some text and having a super powered, ultra -fast, instant light speed jumping starship, oh, and gave myself 999,999,999 credits to spend too Smile

Check it out!
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Please try to do some internet research before asking questions here. For example, has an about page and Blender has its own forum.

My web site - Games, music, Python stuff
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