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yes you can do this with T3D/iGame3D.
I have not perfected the technique but Tobi has.
Essentially you make a big box in meshwork,

Select all and invert the faces.

set each side to a different material for a total of
six materials.
Use the appropriate planar mapping for each side.
In front view, select one side at a time.

left and right sides are X mapped
Top and Bottom are Y mapped
switch to top view, select the top and bottom poly's on the screen in turn (this is your front and back)
they get Z mapping

Now all you have to do is render out your sky to 6 different images, and apply to the model. With T3D or iGame3D there are a few ways to do this.
1. Apply Directly to the material in Meshwork (not really recomended...but can be done)
You then use MeshKrack to rip the .bmp files out of the meshwork file so T3D will read them in when using the command, after ripping them it labels them the model name followed by the material number...except the first material has a zero, a little confusing, but it works:
make "skybox" // or whatever name you called it
lux true // make it self illuminated so lighting doesn't effect it
there's a skybox!

2. A few extra steps but smaller meshwork files, and more reuseability: Don't apply textures in Meshwork, just set the box facings.
2b. save your skybox images with recognizable names like:
front.png, back.png, left.png, right.png, top.png, bottom.png, then put them in the models folder
2c. in T3D/iGame3D set up a script like so

[SOURCECODE]loadtex "Models/front.png"
loadtex "Models/back.png"
loadtex "Models/left.png"
loadtex "Models/right.png"
loadtex "Models/top.png"
loadtex "Models/bottom.png"

make "skybox" //whatever you named it
tex 1,"Models/front.png" // material,"path/image"
tex 2,"Models/back.png"
tex 3,"Models/left.png"
tex 4,"Models/right.png"
tex 5,"Models/top.png"
tex 6,"Models/bottom.png"
lux true

Get : SampleSkyboxMeshwork.sit to see what I'm talking about

Don't worry about questions, sure beats just posting "I have no idea what I'm talking about, but here is my opinion about it." Smile

Plus this kind of helps me write my book, maybe.

Hehe, the textures are backwards do to meshwork planar mode (I guess)
I replaced my sample skybox with new textures.
Ugh, that gave me a headache.
I included Photoshop action and droplet to flip and rotate some of those textures should anyway need to do that in again in the future.

Oh one more iGame3D Method, in the Pro version:
import a meshwork box into the mesh editor
select the faces of the model
set the skybox texture, adjust the size and rotation
save out file from T3D to the Models folder as for example "newsky.mesh"
this saves the path/name of the texture required into the meshwork file as new data, meshwork doesn't see it, but T3D does.

then use the script command
[SOURCECODE]mesh "Models/newsky.mesh"[/SOURCECODE]

whoomp there it is! Only you can't attach scripts or move this object and it acts as a collission boundary...useful for making a quick and neat looking room
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does the sky have to be a sky box? What about a 360 sky circle?
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I think its harder to texture a have an issue with the seam, I believe. Also Sphere's would require more polygons, which is not as efficient as a cube.

Maybe only half a sphere, because its really a waste to have all those poly's under ground.

here's a quick two sky spheres I made, the one in the middle uses planar mapping, and the outer one uses pinned mapping. both are transparent.

[Image: skyshpered.jpg]

But they are also 320 Polygons each as opposed to skybox that is 12 polygons.

oops had a typo in the filename...fixed
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What game programing language is best to start with? Dim3 uses Java I believe, but I'm not sure what T3D uses. I hear C++ is hard to learn.
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You won't be programming T3D or iGame3D, its an application that lets you make games. It has its very own scripting language, examples are in my posts above.

Same with dim3, you script with JavaScript, not Java, they are different.

You have to FOCUS on what you want to do, either art, design, textures, animations, or programming.
You can't do it all from the outset.
Start somewhere, and grow from there.
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I want to stick and stay with 3D modeling. But I also want to make a game for fun. I was just wondering if there is any programing involved for T3D and dim3. Do I start from scratch or do I just work with examples there on? What do these engines come with? Are they actual level editors where you can place objects and make levels and etc? Can I see some screens of the T3D engine? And one more thing, I believe you said you moded tomb raider III. What do you mean by that? Isn't tomb raider a hard game to mod since no actual level editor is made for it ( well except for the level editor for Tomb Raider chronicles and that fan made editor for PC) .
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>Do I start from scratch or do I just work with examples there on?
Yes work with examples, until you are ready to go from there.

> What do these engines come with? dowload dim3 to find out, its got a demo game and a bunch of apps to work games with, T3D or iGame3D come with what ever I happen to feel like showing off at the time, an application to crack textures out of meshwork, an applescript to convert 3DS files for use in Meshwork...some other stuff. too much usually, the first and last "big" demo I posted was like 120 megs. get a fairly decent working version here get Antack and/or T3D_for_meshwork.

Are they actual level editors where you can place objects and make levels and etc? Yes there are level editors, animation editors, and all kinds of goodness.

Can I see some screens of the T3D engine?[url=
]GO HERE[/url]

?And one more thing, I believe you said you moded tomb raider III. What do you mean by that? I built a kick ass level for Tomb Raider Chronicles, the editor for Mac OS 9 and X ships with the game. its VERY easy to use. I didn't modify any scripts but made lots of mad fun, and got to demo it at Apple's Game's Paviliion at Macworld NY 2000.
Hot damn!

No stone unturned.
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the TR level editor is easy. I am making a level with it right now and I made a level when I had it for PC. I bought for mac recently. I miss the pc programs like strpix. But mac does have the one program similar to trwest for pc. Anyways I wanted to ask a few more questions:

Can I add 3D movie clips to play during games with Dim3, blender, or T3D to make a storyline?

Can i make title menus for my games with Dim3, Blender, and T3D?

Can I port my games to PC so windows users can play my games?

Can I use a program like cinema 4D or lightwave to model then import them to the blender game engine?

Do the created games open in a full screen window?

Are there mac game engines for quake III and Unreal? What kind of games can I make with them? Can I make 3rd person type games and platforming?
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Can I add 3D movie clips to play during games with Dim3, blender, or T3D to make a storyline?
Don't know about Dim3, to my Knowledge T3D's movie abilities are limited to 15 frames, large movies tend to make the game take forever to load. I imagine you could take several movies, patch them together somehow. But I think making the movie in the engine with 3D models as the scene would be more efficient. Blender's game engine isn't working yet, so I don't know what its capable of. Having my own engine doesn't leave much time for other people's engines.

Can i make title menus for my games with Dim3, Blender, and T3D? uh...I imagine yes for Dim3, Blender is unknown but probably you can make ANYTHING with it, once the game engine is working. And yes most definately with T3D/iGame3D.

Can I port my games to PC so windows users can play my games?
dim3, no i don't think so, but maybe.
Blender, when it works yes..even to PocketPC and many formats.
T3D/iGame3D is cross platform, ready for the PC as soon as you finish your game. Antack! was made with T3D, about 32,000 Mac downloads and about 50,000 PC downloads, it has also been distributed on CD's by various people.

Can I use a program like cinema 4D or lightwave to model then import them to the blender game engine? Don't know, that would be a question for Blender people. I don't have much use for Blender, as i stated above no time to use other people's stuff...if I could just clone me....
Blender is a full featured 3D application, so it probably has some import modes to pull other data and convert for use with Blender games. I just tried the app, as usual I couldn't figure out what I was doing with it...where did that book go, around here somewhere. There are docs for it on their site.

Do the created games open in a full screen window? [/b][/quote] dim3: yes
Blender had windowed games last I tried them, as well as internet browser games with a plugin, it probably had a full screen mode too.
T3D/iGame3d games open in full screen as well.
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coudl you do me a favor? Could you summarize this thread with your info and add it to the FAQ? I know it will be asked again and again if we don't have it in there. (Then again, even if we do, it still will be asked. Smile )

Carlos A. Camacho,
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Whoo boy! What a task. I'll give it a go.
But where to begin........?

[Image: thinking.jpg]
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Uh Carlos, I have no idea what I'm doing in that Wiki thing.
Suddenly I'm in a position to ask more questions than snickrep has come up with.

This is going to take some time to figure this thing out.
I've never even read the FAQ.
Much less posted to a Wiki.

Ok its not as hard as it looks, I just fixed someone's typo.

But still I'm going to need some guidance with this.

Where should I be posting, and specifically what should I be posting? I assume I leave out all the dim3 and blender stuff, I'm not an expert with what they've got going on.

I'm going to Summarize this thread and then email you (I have to anyway about my diary, Griggs has not responded). Then we can put all this information somewhere.
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Hold on. If you have never programmed before you have a long road ahead of you. So be patient or else you will become insane and go off the deep end! Rasp If you plan on making games and don't want to make them for the PC and/or Linux I would suggest ObjC but if you plan on making it cross platform then use C/C++/Java. You will need to learn a language first and then move into learning OpenGL. Then after that many of things like AI, Pathfinding, Physics, ect... I myself started out learning C++ and love it. Yes it is very complex compared to other languages. I wouldn't suggest it as a beginners language but thats my opinion. Its extremely powerful but thats what I wanted so I went with C++. I know Java also and if you're not worried about absolute speed than Java is nice to program in due to it is OOP and has garabage collection. You can use OpenGL with Java now to. OpenGL is going to be based off C. So I would suggest you learn C and then OpenGL and if you like C, if you decided to use Cocoa you will be a step ahead because you can use C with ObjC in Cocoa. I think all of this is in the FAQ! But you might want to check out Realbasic or Metal? They are easier to learn, and look like good languages for beginners to get their feet wet with.
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Mars you just confused me!
This poor kid's head probably just exploded, now his iMac 800 is covered in blood and brains.

I think the main problem with the FAQ is that its just an extension of a cold machine (OSC LOL ) . You click, you read, and you are still all alone with questions, alone with a brain swimming with all FAQ knowledge, yet you don't know where to really begin or where you stand in the scheme of things.

Kind of like programming languages, you read, you read, you type, you get error messages, you wimper and cry, kick the dog, throw a rock at the neighbors house try to figure out how and where you went wrong :
"This game programming book is for DirectX?!?!?!"

Neither the FAQ or programming languages are like dim3 or iGame3D where you crack open an app, try to be creative with some eye candy to please the senses until you hit a roadblock then go "what the foo!!", bother the usergroup or dev with questions, get an answer, go back to work, and show your friends and family "look I'm a developer, I'm a super genius, that fortune spent on games, movies and comic books is going to pay off!!"

Just maybe, but probably not, you read the read me, discover exactly how a thing is supposed to be done and then make magic happen.

That is one of the greatest prejudices at this site, all the coders think all people who sign up here are of the mind to code. A hazard of any proffession I guess, as a designer I thought it was simple for anyone to just get photoshop and quarkxpress and express themselves...boy was I wrong, even paid designers can't or are not willing to learn to do it.

Well, for the past year (almost to the date), of developing a game dev application I have learned very little actual programming. Not that I haven't tried mind you, but I hit roablocks like crazy math in the middle of a game dev book, and thats it, down the book goes, back to my game engine and editor I go. If I could do that math I'd be building a death ray, time machine or potato fusion device instead Smile

Believe me I hit crazy math in iGame3D too: recursive polygon hallway drawing routine scripts..I thought my brilliant idea would be Oooh so easy. 6 days to get it right!
After that it was, Hey I'll make a random 3D maze drawing perfect, until backface culling kicks in..eeegad!
another 3 days, I had to give up, brain lock. Man I wish I had that math skill (and the death ray).

Carlos where are you? I made a pot of coffee and can't get focused on this wiki thing. Email me or something...
Big trouble with copy and paste out of the forums, I have double spaced lines and a ton of extra crud to weed through just to see what I'm doing..
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Fine I will make my questions shorter for ya.

Can I add 3D movie clips, make games for both mac & PC, and title menus for game engines like Dim3, Blender, and T3D? Would it make sense to make models in meshwork,lightwave, or cinema 4D and then import them into blender?
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