Developing your own 3D applications.

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Making 3D games/applications from scratch has never been easy.
You might be a highly skillful programmer in your favorate
programming language.
But even then if you have to program with DrectX or OpenGL directly, it is going to take quite some time and effort.
A better option would be to use a good 3D engine that does
all the difficult low level coding for you and that will
perform well on a wide range of hardware.
One such engine is the 3DSTATE engine. It also supports c++, VB, Delphi, VC++ and also VS.NET
They also have a students version which can be used for free.
Check out
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Wasn't your post moved, or deleted several times.
I remember it from this week, as well as months and months ago.

The 3Dstate website consistantly crashes Internet Explorer.
It also crashes Safari.

Is 3Dstate taking money from people and selling bunk that crashes as well?

No matter how many times you post here, noone can view the damn web site.

Fix the website, support the Mac. 'nuff said.
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├ľand displays reams of garbage in Camino; I wouldn't be that inclined to buy a 3D engine from a company which can't code a web-page Bored

Mark Bishop
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I deleted one of their threads yesterday, I can do it again today...

But maybe we need to take some more permanent action against these people*?

* ?!!
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well it sorta works in Mozilla, although there's complete junk at the top of the page.
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Their demos page has to be the most telling page on the site. Starting from the top:
Quote:April 18, 2002
New demo of 3DSTATE 3D Engine V6.0 (beta) [2MB]

Improved graphic quality (scene imported from Half-Life).
Don't have good artists? Steal from someone else! This theme continues through "The first high quality 3D Deathmatch fully online", "3DSTATE VS. Quake3!" and "The new Speed Technology in action (online) !", which seem to all use art from Quake3, though only the middle even attributes the source.

Quote:Multiplaying demo
Enter this 3D exhibition and see the other Internet surfers who are walking inside the show!
I wonder where they got their avatars...

Quote:MD3 (quake3)model demo[ 795KB]
This demo is intended for adults only!
C'mon, nothing says class like "intended for adults only!".

Also, why are they posting here? I see no hint of mac support on their site. Nor could I find anything supporting the zdnet or tucows awards they display on their front page.

BTW, if you feel like annoying this guy, sign up for a few spam lists (see this).

"He who breaks a thing to find out what it is, has left the path of wisdom."
- Gandalf the Gray-Hat

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Ditto inio's 'why are they posting here?', but also, why are we posting to their thread and so constantly bumping their thread? Bored (yes, so I'm just as guilty Bored)

Mark Bishop
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chand = gone

Fade to black.

Carlos A. Camacho,
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