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Can I get some recomendations on some OpenGL books? I want to start learning the API this summer.

I am looking for a few books, a beginner sort of tutorial/reference book, something that is not crazy advanced.

I do have a lot of programming experience by now.. just finished my first year in Comp Sci at university, so I am looking for something that will provide good examples and serve as a reference book.

Anyone want to recommend some books that fall under that description?

or then again, perhaps I am delusional and no books like that exist for OGL and all of em are super advance.

guess I'll find out..


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nehe nehe nehe nehe nehe

Tutorials 1-5 and 21 are a good start. if you want them in book form, set up your print and let her rip! Grin
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After NeHe, the Red Book (free older version online linked from the iDG FAQ) is probably a good place to go. Mac OS X has the OpenGL man pages (most of the Blue book) installed if you have the developer tools.
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As always, I recommend Edward Angel's book "Interactive Computer Graphics: A Top Down Approach with OpenGL" as it offers a good approach to the subject and teaches you what you need to know early on to get started doing the interesting stuff.
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OpenGL "Red Book" and OpenGL game programming is a good book its based on PC but a good read no matter. OpenGL super bible is pretty good to. I have all three.
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