sci fi FPS using quake 3 engine concept

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well if you are working in T3D, there are at least a hundred models in the download to start with.
Just list the folder "by kind" so all the meshwork files get clumped together so you can see what they are called without all the textures getting in the way, then in T3D type

make "themodelname"

Hit command R and click on the 3D view to reposition in front of you.

You can use the place model menu item too, but I find it much easier to see what models
there are in a finder window.

For T3D we use , Meshwork , its a bit of a bizarre app, but made with game developers in mind.

Maya Personal Learning Edition is free but you can't export.
Lightwave demo, may or may not export..haven't tried, most likely you can only get a LWO file from it which isn't going to get you very far.

If you can get either to export you want to go the 3DS route, then import and save as a Meshwork file for T3D.

In general what ever 3D app you are comfortable in is the one you will be best in, then hopefully it matches up with what your game engine can read, else its a process of conversions and adjustments. I say go with Meshwork, keep your design simple, don't shoot for top quality right off the bat, go for placeholders, this way when dim3 is released you can port your project to that if T3D is lacking any of the features or strengths that dim3 may have.

Before you even start clicking in T3D, I suggest you gather as much material like sketches, design notes could save yourself a lot of stress and time if you are able to interest a few people who may have the perfect model or artwork sitting on their hard drive or server ready for use.

Google search for free 3DS files, Starship Troopers, and such as research in advance.

Keep me posted, hit me with questions on T3D, I know the documentation isn't Playboy pretty, it's the first time I've documented anything more than "how to restart the file server when I'm not here". You can reach me over AIM or iChat, user SmashSpeak, or hit the email in my user info.
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