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Howdy folks!

I have a board game that is complete (game mechanics-wise), and has been thoroughly playtested. I'm looking to have this ported into a shareware title, and I need a programmer.

The catch? I can't pay anything up front. This has to be a labor of love, with benefits to come after sales start rolling in (fingers crossed).

This game is a standard "race" type board game (like Sorry or Pachisi), where the goal is to get to a certain place on the board under certain conditions. It involves several decks of random cards and player's tokens, as well as numerical score tracking for each player. I think it should also be multiplayer net-playable, to get the most out of the experience.

If this sounds at all interesting to any of you, please feel free to email or PM me. I wil be putting all the documents and elements together in PDF format and drafting a NDA in the meantime.

I came here at the suggestion of Colin from Freeverse. I'm a digital graphics monkey by trade, but I haven't the first clue about programming.

Thanks! Wow
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I, personally, don't think that game will sell...

But putting aside my personal thoughts and beliefs, you might want to post in Help Wanted/Offered next time where programmers looking for something to do will most likely look. Somebody here will probably do it... are you looking for specific requirements? (e.g. Carbon, Cocoa, Classic, console)
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I guess I should've looked closer at the forum categories.

Thanks for steering me straight.

This is my first time trying something like this, so I'm not sure what the requirements should be. I would imagine OS X and Windows compatibility to start with. I really don't know.

It didn't occur to me to approach this game as a computer game until earlier this afternoon.
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