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Hi Guys n Gals,
I've updated my site with a batch of new sound effects. The sounds are free for all to use as they see fit, the only stipulation is that you let me know if you use them in a commercial project so I can put it on my News page.
- go to the sound FX section.

New Sound FX for March include:
"Sound effects from "Beyond Planet X"
A fictional movie based on the soundtracks of 1950's sci-fi pictures. All of these sounds are particularly inspired by "Forbidden Planet' a fantastic old Sci-Fi movie."

Also: a cryo-door opening sound, spaceship interior sounds and a few other tidbits.

Comments always welcome.

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Hey cool! You should submit a set or two of those to Carlos* and he'll probably add them to the downloads section. Smile

*or whoever does the downloads Wink
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>add them to the downloads

Himiona, I have about 20 or so sounds from the old game Dungeon Master. I've cleaned them up and did a little DSP on them. I lack time, so I was wondering if I could send them to you, and then you could spice them up a tad?

Also, I've heard alot on MPEG 4 great compression. Are you using it? What encoder? Is it a good format for distributing? In the past I used AIFF, no compression. However you end up getting pretty big files. I've thought to play with various codecs to cut down the file size. In some cases I used MP3 if I was releasing loops. Anyhow, I'd like you input on format, codecs, compression when it comes to distributing sounds. Remember, we must distribute them in a way most useful to coders.


Carlos A. Camacho,
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MPEG4 is awesome - I've got Quicktime Pro and the MPEG4 compression kicks serious butt.
Not everone can read it though - us mac users are ok, but I'm not so sure for PC users.
As far as coders go, I'm assuming you can use Quicktime in your MAc games in which case decompressing from an MPEG4 based Quicktime MOV file shouldn't be a problem.

MP3 is still really great - but there is that license.

OGGVorbis is very promising. I'm working on a commercial sports title for PC that uses OGG Vorbis exclusively. Very nice codec sounds good at lower bitrates, sounds really good at higher bitrates - comparible to MP3. Like any compression scheme though it can tax the CPU. The engine we're using is FMOD by the way. (I compress the files with AmadeusII - which I can not rave about enough. A great value for money package IMHO.)

The other thing about compressed files is that the application you use to compress the file can have a major impacton the resulting quality of the audio. Eg. Using Sound APP as opposed to using Amadeus or even BarbaBatch.

Carlos, I'd be happy to take those sounds and clean them up a bit more and add some extra spice. Send them on over to my email.
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Hey - Carlos don't forget to send through those sound effects you want me to work on.


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