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hi folks!

i would like to start using selfmade meshes for my 3d stuff. so i found out about blender and kinda like it, but how to get the stuff into my app? so i thought the dxf format would be nice, as before i had endianness problems and began hating them, and dxf is all 128-bit ascii, so extremely unproblematic. so is there any public code for loading such data? otherwise i will start (or rather continue) my own.

similar question goes for the obj-file format, as i will be lookign into meshworks now (or lightwave if i get round to trying and then buying it...)

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From what I have been told the problem with .obj files is that they can vary from one app to the next a great deal? I not sure on this but might be something to look into? Also I am not sure but I don't think .obj stores animation information and .obj files don't have material information stored with the model data?
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Someone here is working on an .obj loader
someone else is licenseing a 3DS loader for $10
if you want a Meshwork Loader
Antack source is available here
and has Meshwork loading and bone animation.
The source is open, I forget what license we used.

I don't think DXF is good for games. I have a feeling it
must be awful because I've never seen it used
and every developer I ever talked to wanted lightwave models, or
some other high end apps output.

Meshwork imports 3ds, 3dmf, dxf and the latest
beta includes SKN format from the SIMS game.
Its hell to model in but you can still do a lot.

No Pain no Gain.

Oh Blender is Open Source, you should be able to derive a Blender
input method from that. Or a meshwork exporter Smile
If you do let me know.
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