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i dont think you get what im saying. i have no way of calculating normals because i cannot access the vertices in the model. all i can access is the model class' public methods. is there a way to automatically calculate normals for vertices drawn?
Not that I know of? But their isn't a function to return the vertices data? that seems like a poor design to me? Sorry I can't help any further!! Sad
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Where to begin...

The version of Mesh3DS included with my SpaceTime screen saver has only latent support for textures (SpaceTime's sample meshes are not textured).

I have yet to test the code to:

- flip bitmap textures right-side up as the OS X coordinate system is opposite OpenGL's default

- handle mixed case texture filenames generically, both within and without resource bundles

Also, Mesh3DS does automatically compute both vertex and surface normals.

However, because only *materials* are currently supported, you need lighting enabled to see these (normalized) materials properly. It sounds like people are confusing materials with textures w.r.t. lighting.

Finally, key data structures such as vertex and shared surface lists are currently exposed (see the header file), but have only limited utility value once the mesh's displaylist is compiled.

I was thinking of deleting these structures during post-processing as they take up huge amounts of memory and only enable the ability to re-scale the meshes dynamically.
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