Need a hand testing my screensaver... please?

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Feanor , thank you very much for the care package! I'm gratified by the supportive ethos on this board...

While this screensaver is my first Mac program, I am very enthused and hope to be able to contribute something back to the community very soon.

Cheers mates,

/p2 (aka Pete to my new found friends!)
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I got the deathstar last night at

I was able to break your screen saver.
opening tie 3ds duplicating the model twice and exporting to 3ds
resulted in an empty warp no model.

loading a 50 megabyte Cthulhu model totaly crashed my mac
needed a hard reboot. surprise!

The black screen some people get tends to happen for about 7 to 30 seconds.
Which can be long enough for people to cancel it.
I get it for a short time, depending on the complexity of the model
I attempt to import.
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btw i forgot to mention im using:

eMac 700/X.2.4
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No problems on a stock iMac 500
OS X 10.2.4
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