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From critical_regions.h in MSL headers:
* Notes
* -----
* What we need in certain areas of the library is the ability to "lock"
* certain critical regions of code against reentrance by preemptive
* threads. For example, when fopen searches for an unused FILE struct, it
* would be unfortunate if another thread "found" the same struct before the
* first one could mark it as in-use.
* Because the mechanisms used to manage critical regions will vary widely
* depending on the underlying hardware and/or system software, *all*
* details about how critical regions are locked and released are kept
* hidden. Instead, we define a finite number of critical regions that are
* of interest to us and leave the details of how they are managed invisible.

My guess is that it is similar to HLock or FSLock.

As for _MSL_CDECL, I'm pretty sure it's ignored, but the other fgets had it, and I just threw it in to be safe.
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Thanks kBerg, I've found your class very useful.

I've been working with Danlab to make a game. Unfortunantly, we haven't been able to find tools for mac for modeling game type model formats. Md2 would be way better for games, but we just couldn't find a mac tool to create the models. We ended up using .obj files because Danlab could export them from cinema 4D. I took your code and ported it to obj-c. Then I added a nice texture class for loading textures from basically any file format (though alpha is only supported in .tga). Then I added keyframe animation support. You feed it multiple files and it basically interpolates the vertex, normal, and texture data. Its worked out pretty well.

[Image: fishies.jpg]

You'll probably get to see a demo of our engine soon!

Thanks again.
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Quote:Originally posted by ghettotek
did anyone happen to port this to Obj-C? im having a hell of a time doing it for some reason.

Yeah, see above post Smile

Its actually obj-c++ though. But I think if I change it from .mm to .m it'll work fine, I just kept it that way so I could actually test while it was in intermediate stages.
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Quote:Originally posted by Holmes

Wow, that looks pretty cool Grin

It's great to hear the code's been useful, and I look forward to seeing what your engine is capable of.

<edit>I recall hearing someone talk about using .obj files in conjunction with .mtn (motion?) files or somesuch for animation purposes. If that's the case, there may exist a somewhat standard or supported format for animating .obj meshes, similar to how .mtl files can be used to provide texture data? However, the most comprehensive site on the format which I could find contains nothing on this subject.</edit>

On a side note, I am unable to find any critical_regions header to include; is this part of the developer tools, or is this a Darwin source kind of thing? So far simply removing those macro's has worked for me, but I hesitate to post any new code if it's going to cause wierd problems for people.
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Critical Regions is an MSL thing. There might be some kind of exclusive access mechanism on Darwin's FILEs you could use instead, otherwise just don't worry about it -- it's only an issue if multiple threads are trying to read from the same FILE* simultaneously, which sounds like a recipe for disaster in any case!
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