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Ok I am starting that sim space colony game I decided on. I need some ideas for gameplay, this is what I have so far

? You have to control part of a planet (or space station in later versions), and your basic goal is to stay alive for about 3 hours in real life, and after that you have basicaly set up a good city, and then you try to get a big population, big army ect.

? In the first part of the game you are REALY starved for money, and you have to fend off attacks (probably text based at first, then real graphics) and survive native animal attacks

? In the second half of the game you can expand your city and there is no goal

? You can build a variety of buildings, and zone areas that will auto build. It will be a view like in starcraft probably.

Does anyone know from experiance if I should use diamond or square tiles? SC2000 used diamond, but square seams faster.
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Matt Brown
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Your're doing this in METAL? Fastest would probably be best, but diamond tiles are SOOOOOOOO much prettier. And they make for easier gameplay, as you can see from two angles at once.
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Diamond or square doesn't matter cause graphic are graphics. It will still be in a square matrix. So, you can go either way without penalty.LOL

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