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I suddenly realized tonight while 'fine tuning' my game editor that, 8 versions of the game engine, 4 of the game editor and 2 of the info editor was enough.

ok so I didn't suddenly realize but it has taken me too long to let go of this project that I will never finish. What started out as a project to learn the in's and outs of C has really kept me from writing anything useful or new for the past 2 1/2 years or so.. time to move on...

I only post this here because I want some input or ideas on what type of game I should write. Something small but fun. I have more than enough experience now to write many different types of small games, aside from 3D of. (learning OpenGL soon)

so any ideas from anyone?

I was thinking of some sort of block game... ala tetris or perhaps my elusive "Exploding Man game".


PS: No RPG's.... had to put that to rest.... for now..

/* Drunk...... fix later.... */
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metal slug!

Or more realistically how about a 1v1 fighting game ala Marshmallow duel
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Congratulations, you've taken a huge step. The 'game engine' disease is a hard one to shake, but now you are free to write (and finish) a game.
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The Mac seems to have remakes of retro games aplenty with a single exceptionÖ no Donkey Kong remake :ohmy: (or Elevator Action for that matterÖ)

Mark Bishop
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I would suggest looking at the uDevGame entries fro some ideas. Many of the decent games were simple ideas, Astrosquid and Raptor are great shootem-ups (a great way to go), Galder, Black Cube and Headache are decent puzzle games. MAFFia and The Belt both defy any rigid pigeonholing, but are fairly simple concepts with a good deal of polish and great gameplay.

Looking at these should give you some idea of "how small is doable?" One thing to note, games like RPGs and First Person Shooters have a large asset burden associated with them. If it needs an editor, and it will take you more than a day and a half to write the editor itself, it's probably too big.

Some ideas:
Breakout, simple 2d fighting game (though this can get asset heavy as well if you try and have too many moves), Pong, Star Castle, basic scrolling shootem-up

Good luck, and I can't wait to play whatever you decide to make.
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