how can i use a lightwave object in openGL?

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i am a beginner in programming and i like to know how i can use the data in lightwaves lwo format to made it visible in an opengl window? is there any tool or method available or do i have to write my own stuff? i can't find any documentation or examples about that. sorry for my english, i am from europe. thanks.
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no direct way. You would have to go through hell and beyond to directly do that. Lightwave objects are supposed to be raytraced, not rendered by polygon shaders. What you see in lightwave is only a simplification, which may not have any polygons written to the file, only funky parameters.

Find a simple file format you can export the features you really need to.

- D.G
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file format loaders and such

this should probably be wikied, someone do it for me, I'm lazy Smile
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If you can save it as a .obj then using glm would be good. Check out the openGL website then go to downloads and lots of those things use glm. It is a easy to use free .obj loader and will compile lists and smooth the objects for you.
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Ignore what dooog said and have a look at thie thread...
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