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Hello All,

I am in the process of publishing an eMagazine that is totally dedicated to helping the artist that works with real-time 3D environments. The magazine's name is 3AM - 3D Artist's Magazine.

3AM will be published bi-monthly and features articles that cover such things as level design issues, texture design tips, tricks to keep your FPS high, product reviews (mainly freeware, shareware and inexpensive products) of software that will help you along the way, and a lot more.

I have personally been creating real time 3D art for a number of years now, mainly with applications like Genesis3D, Jet3D and now with 3D GameStudio. Among these communities (and others such as Blitz3D and DarkBASIC) I have found you can get a lot of answers if you are looking for help with programming, but when it comes to help with making your game look good, then the help is much more sparce. As a result, 3AM was conceived to help fill the gap.

In other communities I have had a surprisingly good response to the idea of 3AM. As a result, I have decided to post about it here. If you find the idea of 3AM interesting, then please visit the following URL:


The first issue of 3AM is due out on February 15th. Each issue is not free (sorry), but only costs $5.00. The reason for this is that I have to offset costs of hosting, applications used to create the eMagazine and time (we have three writers on staff, all of which are professional graphic artists working with RT3D).

Anyone can download the issue freely and there will be an article or two that will be available to read. The rest of the magazine will be locked and, with each paid subscription, a username and password will be Emailed to you.

If you just want to talk about RT3D art related topics, then you can stop by the 3AM Forum. Just go to the 3AM web site (link above) and click on the FORUM link at the top of the page.

Thanks for your time!
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I saw no good reason for crossposting this, so I removed it from the Game Design thread. I know you plan to cover level design issues etc, but the thread is unlikely to go unnoticed even if it's in only one of the forums.

Oh, and if you must copy/paste your announcements, try to remember where you're posting them and change the appropriate details Wink. Genesis3D forum indeed.

Still, it seems interesting, and certainly a worthwhile endeavour. I'll go and have a look.
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Thanks for pointing that out. I really should pay more attention to what I am doing :oops: . Let me know what you think!
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