Sex, death and games

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Quote:Originally posted by griffin239
Sex and death and money and madness.
What a theme for a game.

We call it "life"...
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Quote:Originally posted by w_reade
We call it "life"...
When games start dealing with these issues for real, then they will stop being just games and become something else ("art" I guess), in the more classical sense. I don't mean all games will become art, just those ones that act like it. I'm sure there will always be games that avoid human experience in favour of nice, abstract puzzles and such (and good thing), but it would be cool if a few interactive computer art game things came into existence and were commercially successful -- yeah, right.
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Quote:Originally posted by griffin239

Oh on a note of interest in this topic as an American I've been
Mugged 7 times.
Assaulted on my own property twice.
Held up at gunpoint once.
Broken into 4 times.
Hunted by a mob at least three times.
Shot at by a drunk once.
Arrested twice for victimless crimes. (Cannabis seeds and walking in the woods..Blair Police Project)

jeez man, what are YOU doing wrong? The worst I have gone through are verbal threats. Then again, I'm a verbal guy.
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Thanks for the info on the Japanese crime rate stats griffin239, I suppose I could have guessed that I couldn't trust raw statistics on that front. But the West is also pretty terrible in all things regarding rape. It was only fairly recently that it became against the law to rape your wife. Do you know what one of the British politicians said when they were changing the law?

"If we can't rape our wives, who are we going to rape?" !!!!!!!

Also, in most countries the law is that rape only occurs if the alleged rapist knows that they're victim did not want to engage in intercourse. Which is why it is so hard to prove date rape, because the man can always just say he thought she wanted it.

In regards to Cannabis, with the way people can act when drunk as compared to stonned, it sometimes makes me wonder why alcohol isn't illegal and Cannabis legalised. Not that prohibition works (of course), but alcohol seems the violence inducing drug!
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Quote:Originally posted by griffin239

Oh on a note of interest in this topic as an American I've been
Mugged 7 times.
Assaulted on my own property twice.
Held up at gunpoint once.
Broken into 4 times.
Hunted by a mob at least three times.
Shot at by a drunk once.
Arrested twice for victimless crimes. (Cannabis seeds and walking in the woods..Blair Police Project)

Quote:Originally posted by skyhawk

jeez man, what are YOU doing wrong?

Actually, yes... most of those seem to be readily explicable by bad luck, but hunted by a mob? at least three times!? Blink I mean, what? What on earth did you do?

You aren't a paediatrician by any chance, are you?
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Lets see the mob story.
5th grade...walking to school...i am told the news that the meanest teacher in history is dead.
As I walk along I sing "ding dong the witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead", just to myself.
I walk to the fence and put my books down, turn around, and every single kid in the school is shoving and pushing and screaming obscinities at me.
I go into the school and the 300 pound chain smoking phys ed teacher lifts me by my
shoulders slams my head into the wall and says "keep your opinions to yourself" (if he wasn't dead today I'd go back and chase him around with a bat until he choked on his own fat heart).

So those few days were a mob of insane kids deciding brutality is the way to mourn.

Forward to must have been seventh grade. I take my little brother trick or treating, quickly adorning myself in my nerd outfit, it was really good. 1 block from my house, we hear Thud, Thud, Thud, Smash, Shatter, Raaaaaaaaaaaargh. Hundreds of inner city children from the other town are rioting through the streets to beat and mame and steal candy, throwing rocks, bricks, pipes, bottles on the way. I somehow managed to back yard hop my brother and myself back home without getting caught.

Forward to 1987. One big mouth underclassman makes a comment, i comment back, he tells his friends, creates a racial incident out of nothing. I somehow settle that. Days later some other kid starts a fight with me out of the blue on account of this other little snot, I whip his ass. A week later he does it again, this time I really beat him, with a locker hook, he ends up needing stitches.

For the next few months I'm attacked by upper classmen at every turn, I'm hunted/tracked miles from my house and jumped from was insanity. Even more insane. I get off the school bus and 100 kids are waiting to attack me, 100!!!! Luckily my dad is there, we go to the school disciplinarian, he says go to the police, police say go to the school. I start carrying fist knives since no one who is supposed to keep this stuff under control will do anything.
I don't know how these kids are raised but they are all mental.

Forward another few months. I'm walking out of school, I trip on one of my best friends feet.
Guess she had her period, because she goes from best friend to squeeling to her skin head boyfriend that I tried to trip her or some nonsense. So then I have the entire New Jersey Skin Head Nazi Battallion on thehunt for me. I get an ultimatum, I can fight them and join or I can be hunted and killed. Gee Somehow they don't ever get around to that. When I see some of these guys again they are like "oh hey man we aren't skins anymore"...duuuu-uuh.

I don't know is it just Polish kids with the mentality? Is it the alcohol they drink too much of?
I went to school with freaks.

A little side note...the kid that took the brutal bashing with the hook. A year later I stole his idea it was his girlfriend until I was dating the girl already. Actually she gave me her number and I played hard to get first. But it was Ironic. Years later in college I run into this guy waiting for a bus, he's got a guitar so I invite him to our Student Art Guild ..we are throwing a big multi-media event on my birthday. Then I recognize him, and mention the bad old days and he apologizes for all that. I ask why the hell he started that stuff up and he replies "I don't know man, I was just an a--hole back then"...guess maybe someone else beat some more sense into him.

Bad luck? I don't know. Doing something wrong? Not a thing. Unless walking to the store to buy an album is wrong, or going to a movie is wrong, or getting a cup of coffee is wrong, paying rent is wrong, or trick or treating is wrong, or sticking up for myself is wrong.

Actually that sticking up for myself and my friends got me busted up alot. I can't tell you how many times I got beat down for defending my best friend when they called him "faggot", and then he ended up being gay after all.

Thing is in this little ethnic community the Polish always held vendetta's and attacked in groups.
If one little snot got his face beaten out, he'd get the whole team after me.
And as far as I could tell everytime anyone immigrated here the rest of them said "if you want to not get beat up everyday you have to go beat up Griff"...cause every new kid just came out of the blue with an attack. For real. I'd be walking home talking happy happy with them one day, next day they'd be jumping me and beating on me. Even kids I was in the middle of group science projects with.
I can just imagine:
Kid A: "you know what he said about you?"
Kid B: "no what"
Kid A: "he said your a loser homosexual and your mother sleeps with goats"
Kid B: "Rraaaargh KIll Kill Kill Kill"

Indeed kids are evil like that.

Considering violence in my adult life has been regulated down to a just a few
instances of extreme madness. Considering I've lived where gun fire was a common
thing, I'm lucky not to have caught any bullets and never had a broken bone in all my
glorious violent moments.

Hmm reminds friend and I went for a pizza, and 15 feet in front of us watched
a guy turned into a bloody mess before our eyes, the assailant vanishing in a flash.
Wasn't until we walked up to him that it dawned on us what we had just witnessed.
His white trash girlfriend comes screaming out of the bar, "yeah just walk away..." followed by cursing. Hey..neither of us were doctors, we couldn't identity the assailant, looked to me like a "you owe me money for drugs, or slept with my wife" kind of beating. I mean it was a sports car that the assailant drove away in.

Man...what a life.

Thank god the armed services and police are there to protect us.
Maybe homeland security will get my ex-employer to stop bouncing paychecks
and sending me false tax documents. Yeah, sure.

Well I have to go teach my daughter
ninja skills to get ready for day care in a few years.

Stay safe.
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Don't forget Jujitsu while you're at it.
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Quote:Originally posted by griffin239
Lets see the mob story.
Stay safe.

Where the hell do you live!!??
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A little 1 square mile town of Wallington NJ.
Founded by the Welsh, now filled with Polish for probably the last 50 years.
We had an influx of Russian Maffia about 8 years ago bringing plenty of heroin
for my younger brother to witness his school mates become addicted to.

But crime isn't isolated to this little town.
Most of the muggings occured less than a mile away in
Passaic New Jersey were the blacks are relegated to poverty,
while they work, if they are lucky, for Israeli's who own
nearly million dollar homes just blocks from them. All the muggings
where the work of kids under 16, football players and what not.

I moved to New Orleans in 1994, thats where the gun fire was a
constant issue. Once again that is a place where the absolute
poor live just blocks from the extreme rich like Anne Rice. Its also
where I was held up at gun point in a conveinance store,
and there was an attempted break in into my apartment.
I came running out of the house with a knife and almost sliced and diced
the accomplice, but couldn't bring myself to do it since she wasn't
actually committing a crime sitting there waiting for her buddy.

But i'd say worse was Athens Georgia where each of 3 apartments
was broken into and I was assaulted on my own rented property
by 3 alcohol crazed lunatics that repeatedly harassed my neigbors
and myself. One of these guys took a bullet in the process of
their attack on me..someone drove by and BLAM! shot him.
The police had been involved with these guys numerous times, yet they
NEVER put them in jail. Meanwhile I met a kid who served two years for graffiti
and every single person I met there couldn't smoke cannabis because they
were on probation for teenage alcohol use....I was shocked. Until I realized the entire
economy of Athens Georgia relies on alochol sales, 5 Billion dollars a year. More than
the income of the college which owns 70% of the town.

My nephew in 5th grade even had to avoid a shoot out in elementary school.
No wonder he and his sister opted to drop out of school as soon as they
were legally able.

I had a room mate who owned an assault rifle. Back in his crack addiction days
he actually had a shoot out with it...well he was still a crack head when I knew him,
just a little more mature and no longer willing to shoot out over some drug money.

I need a biographer. I've lived an adventurous life.

Hmm a little note my last job, the one that bounces pay checks. Before leaving it
my co-worker and I noticed the front of the building was riddled with bullet holes.
Guess they've been making employees angry long before I came along.

By the way, I don't own fire arm.
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Well that was educational. Anyone think maybe we should lock this thread and get onto something else?
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