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Hi all,

I'm currently having a problem under MacOS X; I've created a full-screen GL context via aglSetFullScreen. But then I need sometime to display some windows/dialogs; problem is that any Carbon-based Window or Dialog creation routine creates "invisible" windows: they are there, but not displayed on the screen. Is there a way to have them displayed in the current context, even if they trash the GL rendering? Or the only solution is to destroy the full screen GL context before attempting to display Windows?

Thank you very much for your time!
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I think you can get the "shielding window level" from the fullscreenglcontext you created. With that, just set the dialog or window level of the dialog or window you want to display "above" that level. I can do it in Cocoa, but I'm not sure about the details of Carbon. Hope that helps.

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If you have a true fullscreen context (via aglSetFullScreen), you cannot display standard UI elements whilst that context is active.

I think you should be able to detach the context (via aglSetCurrentContext(NULL) and aglClearDrawable), then show your dialogs, then re-attach the context (via aglSetFullScreen) without destroying the context or its textures, display lists, &c.
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Well, detaching the active context seemed a good idea to me, to, but it seems that when I try to re-activate it again, GL doesn't work any more... Sad Maybe I should glFinish()/glFlush() or something before detaching it?...
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I solved the problem! I had to issue a glFinish() before detaching the agl context - now the thing works!

Thank you very much for your kind answers!
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