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Hello, I'm currently making an rpg at the moment, and I'm incredibly stuck when it comes to stats (e.g: how much damage should x spell do and how much experience do you need to gain a level). Currently, this is what I have, but after level 12, it starts getting really imbalanced

You start with 30 HP, 10 MP and 5 attack, magic and defence.
Each level you gain, your HP increases by level^2, you MP by level*3 and your attack, magic and defence by level/2. You need level*30 experience points until the next level

In battle, your attack does strength+random(strength/10).
spell 1 (which you have at the start of the game) costs 4MP and does 2.2*magic+(magic/10)
spell 2 (which you have about 1/5 through the game) costs 15MP and heals 3*magic+(magic/10)

What I currently have gets incredibly imbalanced, the first spell alwalys does more than your attack, and you have loads of mp, but if I weaken it's power, it sucks at the beggining of the game, and if I make it cost a lot more
MP, it can't be used much in the beggining of the game.
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how about an arithmatic leveling up scheme versus a geometric? For those who have failed math or have not studied series yet, an arithmatic series would be one that scales up such like 1+1+1+1+2 and so on or whatever, aka level+=levelupconstant; geometric series level up such as 1*2*2*2 and such, aka level*=levelupconstant. Now those are very basic descriptions of the series I'm describing, but they are just to get the idea. Another thing you can do is get a calculator and plot points. Like say you want a person to have this much strength at this level and this much at this level, plot all those points and find the best linear regression and use that mathematical equations to determine the level.
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Right, This is what I've changed it to (sorry if it's a bit simple, but I'm not what one would call good at maths)
At each level, you gain 20 HP, 7MP and 2 attack, magic and defence. You need 30+(level*2) experiance points until the next level (I'll make it so that enemies give you less experience points per level, so just runnig around and killing loads of weak monsters wont get you much experience points).
I figured out that by level 15, I should have 310 HP, 108MP and 33 str, mag and def (you start with 30 hp, 10 mp and 5 str, mag and def).

I'll make it so that spell 1 costs 5MP and does magic+(magic/4) damage and spell 2 will cost 12 MP and heal you magic*2

Is this any better, what can I improve on?
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The standard way of doing levelups seems to me to be that you level up when your experience doubles - something like:

start with 0 exp at level 1
at exp 100, reach level 2
at exp 200, reach level 3
at 400, reach l4
at 800, reach l5, etc.

With this system, you can keep fixed exp for the monsters, since high-scoring monsters (on low levels) become valueless very quickly as you level up.

Otherwise, it's really up to you - tweak, guess, write out tables of damage done, test and fiddle until it seems to work right.
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How can I make that into an equation, e.g: eperience needed = x*level, or something like that?
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100 * 2^(level-2), except for level 1 which would come out at 50 with that equation.
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For anyone designing an RPG, I'd recommend getting a look at the original Dungeon Master Guide from TSR's Dungeons and Dragons game.

Apart from some very well worked out stats, level progression tables etc. It offers a lot of advice on how to run a successfull RPG game from a group of people who were testing and designing the game all through its development (The Advanced Dungeons and Dragons that the Dungeon Master's Guide was written for was released some time after the original games were started).

Most RPGs 'borrow' from AD&D anyway, so you might as well read the classic source Smile
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