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Quote:Originally posted by blb
I've posted a few times...

Sorry! I probably forgot who "blb" was. You need some personalization to your forum personality. How about putting http://www.withay.com in your sig? Smile
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Nah, that's too obvious, I like subtlety more...as in blb@ is my email address. But of course, now that's ruined.
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Quote:Originally posted by skyhawk
on the contrary, I started directly using the cocoa stuff and have never looked back. I used my friend's source code as a starting point to set up the window right. Then I just did all my init in awakefromnib and all my drawing in drawrect. and keys are done with simple cocoa keyroutines. I fail to see how glut is easier than the cocoa alternative.

Using existing source is cheating Rasp

GLUT is exactly the same as the Cocoa method, except with a few extra calls to register your functions in place of the process of building a nib file. The init function, the reshape function, the key handler, the draw...
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Why must I use GLUT? If it's making extra calls, all it's doing is slowing OpenGL down. All of NeHe's tutorials use GLUT, and the Cocoa versions of the tutorials have extra stuff or don't explain what the extra code is or does. It seems almost as bad as Apple.
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GLUT is easier than Cocoa. More samples are available for it. Why do you care if it's 0.0001% slower than the "straight" Cocoa app?

There's a lot of things that need to be done to get OpenGL working with Cocoa. Apple has on their website the most minimal OpenGL/Cocoa sample possible. It may be the only useful piece of sample code on the site Wink. If you don't understand it, there's another reason to stick with GLUT.
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