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Gah, I have started a almost completely pointless "dev speed vs app speed" topic, I was kind of hoping for some more interesting ideas, so I'm not going to argue this point any more either way.
I do agree with Zwilnik that performance matters especially in bottleneck cases where certain functions use abnormal amounts of CPU from time to time (resulting in occasionally speed drops). But I don't really care about 5% speed gains or losses, I want my software to scale reasonably well to both better and worse machines, if a 5% difference really makes it unplayable on my machine, then it will certainly make it unplayable for a lot of other people with older machines
- or putting it another way, I don't want my machine to be the minimum system requirement.
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I'd rather spend 8 hours less writing a part of my program, then spend four hours optimizing it, than spend the 8 hours writing it in the first place.

And simply writing in C/C++ doesn't in any way guarantee efficient code, so using those languages doesn't let you avoid the optimization step.
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