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can metal get 60 fps on a relatively good looking game that has lots of moving parts?
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Quote:Originally posted by skyhawk
can metal get 60 fps on a relatively good looking game that has lots of moving parts?

Most likely, tell me what resolution and what all you need in the program. METALs week point is its slow copyrect and dblit speed (copying screens and sprites), but for all I know there just as fast (or slow) as C copying
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The thought that I'd have a consistent interface to library functions is one thing that is attractive about a Basic implementation, but I don't think I could give up the C family of languages. What I would like is a more helpful IDE. While Project Builder is OK, and CodeWarrior seemed fine when I used it, I'd love something that gave me a lot more feedback.

I should be able to drag-and-drop function prototypes into my code right from a documentation palette, and have them turn into function calls. I should be able to create a variable and have it declared immediately in the correct place. I should be able to drag those variable names right into function calls. Symbol auto-complete would rock -- then you could use nice self-documenting variable names without worrying about typing them wrong half the time (or just the pain of having to type them over and over). Or misspellings of symbols should be high-lighted.

I did find a little utility to help with method prototypes, but it's not really there yet -- and I forgot the command key combo(DOH).

I would like a text engine that could draw as fast as OpenGL -- at least one that seemed to. Maybe I should turn off anti-aliasing Smile.

Think of any no-brainer manual labour involved in writing code, and there should be a way to automate it, or at least speed it up.

Otherwise, if I could write everything in Objective-C and not have to worry about optimising everything, I'd be really happy. Compared to Java and Straight C, it's so wonderful. Unfortunately when you design your own classes you still have to mess around with malloc sometimes, and I'd hate to have no control over pointers, like in Java, but I'm sick to death of looking up stuff in the man pages. I have NO memory for function prototypes. It's a curse.
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metal can do opengl (fastest to screen copying I know)? and the thing would be 640x480 with 32x32 tile sprites with variable units tiles. and how about special effects such as causing the full screen to wave/shimmy?
I do not know everything metal can do.
and why does every metal program I use stop the program and "break", in my opinion, when I press Escape? That's stupid. bleh.
and does metal have any limits on numbers? number of sprites? number of objects? can metal do linked list? stacks? queues? sparse matrices? Does it have pointers? how good is it's floating point values?
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Quote:Symbol auto-complete would rock

Project Builder completes symbols that have occurred in the current file using F5 (which is the standard completion key for Mac OS X, and works in places like the path field of open dialogs).
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